Intermediate 10-week Sprint triathlon plan

Average Weekly Training Hours 07:22
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 07:22
Training Load By Week

This plan is for intermediate level athletes - one or two years of race experience with 8-10 hours on average available to train each week. The plan averages 8 hours of training per week with several optional sessions and recovery periods included. On average the program includes 2-3 swims, 3 runs, 2-3 rides, and 1-2 strength sessions per week. Training effort is described via perceived effort (RPE) and HR guidelines.

Sample Day 2
30' easy, stride rate

run 30min Z1- low Z2
keep stride rate over 88/min

Sample Day 2
AA description - V2

WU: 5 minutes easy aerobic exercise
MS: Anatomical Adaptation strength phase
2 sets of 15-20 reps, light weight, 1-2 minutes rest between sets, Include:
Leg press or lunges
Lat pulldowns
Planks - front and sides (30 sec to 1 minute each)
Knee extensions
Hip abduction
Hip adduction
Bench press (alternate standard, incline, and decline among separate sessions)
Abdominal twists or swiss ball ab crunches (machine or medicine ball)
Seated rows
calf raises (2-3 sets)
Optional cooldown 5 minutes spin low resistance

Sample Day 3
1-1.25 hr w spin ups & 1 leg drills

ride 1-1.25hr Z1/ Z2:
20-30min easy
6 x 1min spin up/1min easy
5min easy
6 x 1min 1 leg drills each leg
easy to finish

Sample Day 3
1.5K w drills & 12x50 steady

swim 1.5k:
6 x 50 easy on :20
4 x 50 6 kick on side on :15
6 x 50 drills (1 catchup, 1 fingertp drag) on :20
12 x 50 steady Z2, :10-20 rest
100 kick
50 easy

Sample Day 4

run 35-40min easy to mid Z2 with drills: 2 x skips, high knees, sideways, backwards

Sample Day 5
2k w 10 x 100 mid Z2

4 x 100 easy on :10-20
4 x 50 kick on :15
6 x 50 drill (catchup, Powerstroke) on :15
10 x 100 mid Z2, pull up to 5 of them with a pull bouy, on :15-25
100 cooldown

Sample Day 6
90' w Z2-3 builds

ride 1.5hr:
30min easy
3 x 15min builds (5min low Z2, 5min mid Z2, 5min Z3)
15min easy

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