16 week Sprint Swimming plan

Average Weekly Training Hours 02:44
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 02:44
Training Load By Week

Access to a 25 or 50 yd/M pool.
Pull buoy
Kick board
Fins (zoomers)

Sample Day 1

300 (100 EZ Free, 100 Breast, 100 EZ Free)
4x50 (25 build, 25 EZ) :10RI
6x50 Build :10RI
1:00 Bonus Rest
300 Choice :20RI
6x50 2-2-2 (Each second set faster than the previous :10RI
2:00 Bonus Rest
4x100 Race pace :20RI
100 choice

Sample Day 4
Performance test

100 Free
100 Breast
100 Pull w/buoy

Test 1
10x100 on 2:00 intervals
Record times for for each
Count strokes on even

Test 2
3x500 as fast as possible
Each 500 faster than previous
Record times

50 Breast
50 Back

Sample Day 8

W/U 100 EZ Free 100 Back 100 Breast 8x75 Pull w/buoy :15RI 300 Kick w/kick board Main set 300 EZ :15RI 3x75 Fast (As fast as possible) :30 RI 75 EZ :20RI 2x75 Fast :30RI 75 EZ :20RI 75 Fast :30RI C/D 25 Free no breath 25 EZ Free 25 Breast 25 Back

Sample Day 9

W/U 300 (100 Free, 100 Pull w/buoy, 100 Breast) 300K w or w/o fins 300Pull with buoy. Concentrate on perfest arm strokes 200 (100 EZ Free, 100 Breast) 200K w or w/o fins 200Pull w/buoy. Concentrate on hip rotation Main 4x50 RT/LT :20RI 300 N/S :30RI 4x50 FTIP :20RI 300 N/S :20RI 4x50 Catch-up :20RI 2x300 N/S :20RI C/D 2x50 25 Free no breath/25 EZ swim Under water no breath/EZ swim

Sample Day 11

W/U 200 (100 EZ Free, 100 Breast) 200 K 200 Pull w/buoy Main 6x25 12.5K, 12.5 EZ Free :15RI 6x100 Race Pace :15RI 6x25 12.5K, 12.5 EZ Free :20RI 6x100 Race Pace -:02 :15RI 6x25 B-3 :25RI 6x100 Race Pace -:03 :15RI C/D 100 Breast/Back

Sample Day 12

W/U 2x200 (100 EZ Free, 100 Breast) 4x25 DPS :15RI Main 2x300 Mod :15RI 4x50 (25 Catch-up, 25 Build) :15RI 2x250 Mod :15RI 4x50 (25 3 stroke glide, 25 Build) :15RI 2x200 Race Pace :15RI 200K C/D 200 Free/Back

Sample Day 15

W/U 200 Choice 3x100 (50 build, 50 DPS) :15RI Main 200 SW :30RI 5x50 Race Pace :15RI 200SW :30RI 3x50 Faster than Race Pace :20RI 200SW :20RI 2x50 Max effort C/D 100

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IRONMAN and USAT Certified Coach, CrossFit L1 Trainer, NASM CPT, F.I.S.T Certified Bike fitter. All distance triathlon training from Sprint to IM including strength training, nutrition guidance, and race planning.

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