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Sprint Triathlon- 8 Weeks- 4-6hrs per week


Ben Capper

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8 Weeks

Plan Description

NEW for 2021

Welcome to my 8 week Sprint Triathlon plan.

Thank you for your purchase, and I wish you all the fun and success on your amazing journey.

This plan is designed for beginner/intermediate levels BUT can be used and followed by any level of athlete.

The plan is based on Perceived effort:

Easy- This is a very relaxed pace but must still feel like exercise (no sitting on the turbo trainer watching movies) It is a pace/effort that feels comfortable but not pointless.
Usually used for warm ups and recovery sessions. Also for longer endurance based sessions. This is so that we do not fatigue and are then able to continue our training, day by day, week by week.
Which is the key to having a great race, consistent training, not magic or super sessions.

Medium- This is more like a race effort, hard and challenging but just about doable.
Make sure you pay attention to the entire session or interval length, and pace yourself accordingly.
eg, your pace/speed for a medium 3min effort will be different to a medium 10min effort, but both should have the same feeling effort at the end of the interval.

Hard/Best effort- This is usually a very hard effort, or the best you have. Same as above, pace the effort according to the length of the interval. Your best 1min effort will not be the same as you best 5min effort.
These intensities should never be 100% because the risk of injury is much to high, and the gains at that level are not worth risking all your hard work. 90-95% effort is where the awesomeness happens.

Turbo session:
Most the bike sessions can be done inside or outside. Depending on your available cycle routes and weather.
Some of the strength sessions are better done on a turbo as you can manipulate and control the level and intensity much easier than outside BUT, you can always do these outside with a good enough effect.

The training sessions will cover everything you will need to cross your first triathlon finish line, or help you get you that new PB you deserve. These include, Strength specific workouts for swim, bike and run, and also speed and power, with added endurance sessions to help keep the body conditioned at the right level.


Pull buoy- Not essential, but used in majority of swim sessions, helping to keep focus on your upper body.

Swim paddles- Definitely worth an investment as these are the sessions that build your upper body strength and boost your stamina.

Turbo trainer- Again, not essential but it will produce slightly better results in certain sessions, and makes the timing and logics much easier for people that have poor areas to cycle and or have limited training time.

These plans are simple to follow and VERY effective, and you can check out more about me, my experience and knowledge on my profile page.

Well, that's about it, its down to you now ;-) just remember to have fun and enjoy the process.

Should you have any questions, drop me an email and ill get back to you as soon as I can.
If you want or need any ongoing advice, we can discuss the coaching options available, or check out my website


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Training Plan Sample Week


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
Bike x2
01:57:00 01:30:00
Swim x2
01:24:00 00:50:00
Run x2
01:29:00 00:55:00
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
01:57:00 01:30:00
01:24:00 00:50:00
01:29:00 00:55:00

Training Load By Week

Ben Capper

Capper Coaching

Hi, my name is Ben Capper
I have been coaching for over 17 years and have helped many athletes across the world achieve their goals and make their dreams reality. From their first 5k to their 5th Ironman and beyond.

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