8 week Sprint Triathlon for Beginners

Average Weekly Training Hours 03:43
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 03:43
Training Load By Week

If you are a beginner to triathlons but know how to swim, you cycle occassionally, and run every so often this is a good plan to put that all together and get you headed towards completing your first sprint triathlon. It's a short program and requires only 3-5 hours of training per week. It does emphasise swimming a little more than usual as it is often what gives beginners more concern than either cycling or running. You should be reasonably fit already as this is only an 8 week plan - if you go to the gym a couple of times a week you'll be in good shape (pun intended)!

Sample Day 2
8 week Beg tri - Swim #1

Easy swimming to begin

Sample Day 3
8 week beg. tri - Bike #1

A steady ride in which your heart rate should be mainly in zone 1. If there are gentle rolling hills in your area, use 'em. Hills are great to train on.

Sample Day 4
8 week beg. tri - Run #1

As with the bike try and stay mainly in HR zone 1. If you haven't done much running lately and feel you need to, walk for a few minutes (up to 5) in the middle of the 20 minute segment.

Sample Day 5
8 week beg tri - Swim #2

Similar to Swim #1. Check Exercises and Intervals

Sample Day 6
8 week beg tri - Bike #2

steady ride in HR zone 1 and 2. Carry water bottle with you on each ride and practice drinking while riding. If your bike does not have a bottle carrier, think about getting one.

Sample Day 7
8 week beg. tri - Run #2

We're gradually building here. If you cannot run the full 25 at an easy pace and mainly in HR zone 1 & 2, run for 10 minutes, walk for 2-3 minutes, finish off the set by running. If you think about it, try and time your stride cadence - how many times in 15 seconds does your left foot strike? Multiply that number by 4 to get a full minutes worth, then multiply again by 2 to get you Beats(steps)/minute. Doesn't matter what it is but now we have a base cadence to improve upon.

Sample Day 9
8 week Beg. Tri. - Swim #3

Increasing the total distance of the workout jus a little.
Swimming is more dependent on form than either cycling or running so focus on your form while doing your sets. Please review "Proper Swim Form Technique" provided in the Plan Details you received when you signed up.

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