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Sprint or Olympic Distance Plan 12 weeks


Peter Naegeli

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12 Weeks

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Plan Description

Written by Peter Naegeli from Switzerland; Successfull athlete with four consecutive Xterra European Tour wins in his Agegroup, multiple ITU Crosstriathlon World and European Champion with a Master in Physical Education, Level 2 Training Peaks Coach and Certified Ironman Coach and many years of experience as swimming and triathlon coach. .This 12 week plan should help you finish in a successful and rewarding way a great Sprint or OD traithlon, if you fitness level is already at a certain level when starting. busy weeks may consist of 10 hours of training, every 4th week is easier as active recovery. this may work for Xterra / Crosstriathlon athletes as well, just replace a few Bike sets by technical work on the MTB and do some of the aerobic runs on Trails


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
2:23 hrs 1:10 hrs
2:14 hrs 1:00 hrs
2:35 hrs 2:00 hrs
2:42 hrs 3:30 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
2:23 hrs 1:10 hrs
2:14 hrs 1:00 hrs
2:35 hrs 2:00 hrs
2:42 hrs 3:30 hrs

Training Load By Week

This plan works best with the following fitness devices:

  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • GPS

All supported devices

peter naegeli

I offer individual triathlon and swimming coaching programs and work with you closely and intensively to achieve your goals. Online coaching is also possible. I am located in Switzerland near Neuchatel and have training groups in Biel
Coaching is based on your feedback, defined by RPE, HR or Power. up to you.
Get in touch with me to learn more. English, German and French speaking.

Sample Day 1

aloha set

400 of which 50 back and 50 fly or breaststroke
200 free, with long & relaxed stroke, breathing every 3rd and 5th stroke by 25
8 x 25 – build speed from easy to moderate, perfect stroke
4 x 125
1 - 50 free/25 hard/50 free - :15 rest
2 - 50 free/25 hard/50 free - :15 rest
3 - 50 free/25 hard/50 free - :15 rest
4 - 50 free/25 hard/50 free - :15 rest
1:00 rest
2 x 100 hard swim 1 free/2 IM - :15 rest
1:00 rest
2 x 100 hard swim 1 back/2 some drill) - :15 rest
200 pull with buoy, paddles, or breathing every 3rd/5th/7th stroke by 25
200 2left/ full strokes/2 right

Sample Day 2

Aerobic ride

just ride, aerobic pace zone 2-3

Sample Day 3


conversational pace. easy

Sample Day 3


"300 Free, breathe every 3 strokes"

"6x75’s Free moderate Rest = :15 btw 75’s"
"All Free "Rest = :15 between swims"
"8x75’s Free"

"Rest 10-15 seconds between 75’s"
"5x100’s Free race pace

"150 Free, breathe only on your weaker side on odd lengths"


Sample Day 4


easy aerobic

Sample Day 6


2 hour bike + 15 min run

Sample Day 7


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