PERFORMANCE Sprint and Olympic triathlon base plan (Block 2 of 12)

Average Weekly Training Hours 11:48
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 11:48
Training Load By Week

Now that you've completed one block of training, it's time to kick things up a bit for Block 2. Technique and aerobic development are still the aims of the block but we bring in some short harder efforts to get you going and of course, some more testing!

Each week consists of;
- 3 Bike sessions
- 3 Run sessions
- 3 Swim sessions
- 1 Brick session
- 2 S&C sessions

With the programme you will also receive a guide with our training philosophy and a list of how to calculate what zones you should be working in. Get in touch if you have any questions and check us out on social media.

Sample Day 1
Aerobic fitness / Cadence (Cad)

5 min run, 10 min drills forefoot and cadence,

90 sec holding normal cadence, 90 sec +15 cad, 2 min normal, 2 min +10, 2.5 mins normal 2.5 mins+25,

6 x 2.5 mins as normal cadence 2.5 mins faster or slower WITHOUT moving faster

w/d: 5 mins ez and streching lower leg

Sample Day 5
Strength and Conditioning - Foundational conditioning

Plyos (after the first circuit): 1 very hard/high/long frog jump (60RI) x 4

45sec on, 10-20 off

Hip Drop
Chest flys on box
Romanian deadlift

Ab twist
Tricep pressups (from knee)
Wall squat

Knee Pressup w/ alt row
Back lunge into high knee

Finish with 10mins of hip and upper leg flexibility.

Sample Day 8
Aerobic Mix

Block 2, week 2

w/u: 12 mins as: 90 sec left leg, 90 sec right leg x 4 3 mins smooth spin build to C2m

10 mins as: 1:30 C2, 30 secs C3 x 5
10 mins as: C2c OG (in and out of saddle - choice)
10 mins as: 10 secs 90%, 50 secs C2f x 10
10 mins as: 60 secs build C2f-C3m x 10
10 mins as: C2m build to C3c using gears

10 mins individual work (athlete choice)

c/d: 5 mins EZ

Sample Day 8
Tempo Reps

w/u: 10 mins easy run with tech focus on quiet forefoot landing

3 x 80m accelerations run focus on quiet foot landing

5 x 3 mins at low end tempo pace (R2) with form you can maintain throughout (20 secs RI)
2 x 80m faster acceleration runs over race pace

x 3 (around a 45 min session)

c/d: 5 min jog and stretch calves and hips

Sample Day 10
Quality Aerobic Capacity

w/u: 10mins building pace

Main set:
3-5 x 500m steady with each 4th length/25m as drill. (you may use pull, fins or paddles as you wish)

c/d: 10mins drills

Sample Day 10
Aerobic Development & Technique

5 mins EZ
5 mins as Breath in for 5 seconds out for 5 seconds C1-2

BIKE: 90 secs L/90 secs R keep fairly easy and moderate gear (note HR)
90 secs L/90 secs R increase HR – through Gear
90 secs L/90 secs R increase HR – through gear
3 mins together C3
6 mins hold HR from bike NOSE BREATH throughout (should feel very easy!)

BIKE (high cadence on spin-ups):
10 secs spin up, 50 secs C2
15 secs spin up, 45 secs C2
20 secs spin up, 40 secs C2
x 3
set 1 (climbing position)
set 2 (road position)
set 3 (TT/Race position)

8 mins short 50m Hills or reps, reduce time each rep while holding good form and keeping under your threshold pace (so first rep will be very easy!) Recover EZ

10 mins C2 individual work (strength, s/l cadence, position etc)
8 mins R1 with 30secs Tempo at start and midway through

10 mins as C2 OG, mix in and out the saddle and s/l work
Steady 8 mins

c/d: 5 mins very easy

Sample Day 11
Pre-Threshold / Aerobic

1-2min Glute step ups, drive knee 10min jog changing cadence every min as: but keep running speed the same


5mins (any) but focused on slight forward lean from the floor/ankles (i.e. not waist)
4 x 100m acceleration runs to R5a (5k pace)

8 x 200m at R4 pace with 3:00 jog at R1 inbetween each

4 x 400m at R3 with 2:00 jog at R1 inbetween each

c/d: 5min jog stretch

Joel Enoch
Hartree JETS Performance Triathlon Team

The purpose of Hartree JETS Online is to allow us to support more athletes than we can accommodate for at our sessions. This also works in favour of athletes who live further afield or those who feel that they don’t need the 121 support provided by attending the daily squad sessions.