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Average Weekly Training Hours 06:07
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 06:07
Training Load By Week

Use code: "FREEPLAN" at checkout to receive the plan for free.

Sample Day 3

The purpose of this session is to stress both anaerobic and aerobic systems and to help develop your recovery speed. If you are unsure of what drills to do, then have a look at our you tube playlist of all the different drills we recommend ( Your effort level is set according to your heart rate, pace (from your VDOT results) or rate of perceived exertion as shown by the following ranges; (On flat terrain, intensity will equal your pace as determined by your VDOT, e.g. Threshold Intensity = Threshold Pace) --------------- Level 1 (L1) – Walking/Jog, 0-68% LTHR, 0-2 RPE Level 2 (L2) – Easy pace, 69-83% LTHR, 2-3 RPE Level 3 (L3) – Marathon pace, 84-94% LTHR, 3-4 RPE Level 4 (L4) – Threshold pace, 95-105% LTHR, 4-5 RPE Level 5 (L5) – Interval pace, 106%< LTHR, 6-7 RPE Level 6 (L6) – Repetition pace, 106%< LTHR, 7-10 RPE Level 7 (L7) – Max Effort --------------- Warm up: 5 minutes at Easy Intensity (L2) 2.5 minutes of Running Drills 2.5 minutes of strides --------------- Main Set: 3 minutes at Threshold Intensity (L4) 2 minutes at Interval Intensity (L5) 3.5 minutes at Marathon Intensity (L3) 2 minutes at Easy Intensity (L2) x2 --------------- Cool Down: 5 minutes of gentle jogging Stretching and walking (L1)

Sample Day 4

Out on the road. Try to practice the following whilst riding easily around a small circuit on quiet roads reasonably close to home.
This video will give you some good ideas of how and what to do
Single handed riding, different handlebar positions.
Leaning and riding in a straight line really slowly!!!
Slalom Ride - weaving.
Riding and braking for a line in the road or the sign. Do this a long time before progressing to skidding on grass.
General Cornering Practice. Watch the video below for some help on this. Remember you are trying to straighten corners as much as you safely can on the roads by going wide in - clip the apex and then wide out.

You can also use this session to practice transitions skills such as taking shoes on and off whilst riding. But always remember to keep your head up and look where you are going.

Sample Day 9

Critical Swim Speed (CSS) is an approximation of your lactate threshold speed and you can find it by doing a couple of swimming tests. It's not precisely the same as lactate threshold but it will be within a second or so per 100m, which is plenty accurate enough to guide your training. The CSS test involves two time trial swims - a 400m and a 200m. Before attempting these swims perform a thorough warm up and a small build set to get you used to swimming fast. We add a third test to get your complete swimming profile. Do the 400m time trial first, it's less likely to effect the 200m than the other way around. Recover completely between each time trial with some easy swimming. Perform both time trials from a push off from the wall, not a dive. Try and pace the trials as evenly as possible, don't start too fast and slow down. If you're not sure get someone to take your 100m splits - they can be very revealing. To calculate your CSS go to: Session: --------------- Warm up: Optional 500m Steady swim (Every 5th length do as Medley) 200m Mixed stroke 200m Drills (Own Choice) 100m Build every 25m Optional second 100m Build every 25m --------------- Main Set: 400m Time Trial - record the time Recovery swim until ready to do it again (mixed stroke) 200m Time Trial - record the time Recovery swim until ready to go again (mixed stroke) 50m Time Trial, record time --------------- Cool Down: 250m Mixed stroke

Sample Day 10

The purpose of this session is to have an understanding of what effort your lactate threshold is. This will help you train at the correct intensity on the bike. To gather your results, go to: --------------- Warm up: Easy spinning for 5 minutes 5x20 seconds max effort, 40 second recovery 3x(25 seconds single leg, 5 seconds change over, 25 seconds other leg, 5 seconds change over) 2 minute recovery/preparation --------------- Main Set: 5 minute Time Trial 10 minute easy spinning 20 minute Time Trial – This can also be done as a 10 Mile TT to see where you stand for the next phase of training. Record your heart rate. Your lactate threshold is 95% of your average heart rate for the last 20 minutes. (Average power (Minus 5%) for the last 20 minutes is also your Functional Threshold Power). Use the link above to work out what your training and racing zones are. --------------- Cool Down: 15 minutes easy spinning. Stretching, compression and ice.

Sample Day 11

The aim of this session is to combine easy running with establishing good technical habits. By interspersing the sessions with specific drills for a number of running technique flaws the aim is to quickly pick up and acquire more efficient movements. This is to be done without pressure on pace, effort, zones or any other number the focus is on movement and being in tune with how your body does this. Pre Run: Glute activation Complete 4x 10sec BRIDGE. Lay on your back with your hands by your sides, your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Make sure your feet are under your knees. Tighten your abdominal and buttock muscles. Raise your hips up to create a straight line from your knees to your shoulders. Squeeze your core and try to pull your belly button back toward your spine. The goal is to maintain a straight line from your shoulders to your knees and hold. Be sure to contract the glutes hard and keep the hamstrings relaxed. You may need to place your hand on your hamstrings to make sure they stay soft. --------------- Warm Up: Run for 5 minutes at a very easy pace this will take some restraint as you should feel physically fresh but give your brain and body a chance to get up to speed. --------------- Main Set: 10x 20 second Uphill Slope Strides - walk back down recovery Pick a gentle gradient of only a few percent to complete these strides. Before each repetition complete 5 Squats ensuring you bend at the hips and keep your knees over your ankles. Your hands can be placed forward slightly to counterbalance the exercise. Push up through your heels squeezing your glutes. Run tall up the slope, remembering that when running uphill your stride will shorten slightly. Drive back through your glutes keep them firing. --------------- Cool Down: 5 minute comfortably fast run. Run at a pace that feels technically good. 5 minutes gentle jogging Stretching and walking

Sample Day 13

Take your time from the time trial and compare it at: to check your VDOT and all your running times/splits, heart rates and intensities for future sessions.
Warm Up:
Gentle Jogging
10 minutes of general activation warm up. (e.g. Walking lunges, walking with high kicks, skipping, fast feet, forward frog jumps, ski jumps each side of the track line. Take your time- quality over quantity.)

10 minutes of run-specific drill work. (e.g. High knees and ‘squashing the orange’ into a quick run out or bounds. Focus on posture, core engagement and arm drive.)

5 minutes of dynamic stretching. (e.g. Calf raises off a step, leg swings, glute stretching and back stretching. Focus on particular areas of weakness as required.)
5km Training Race
Easy Cool Down

Sample Day 14

The purpose of this session is to loosen off the legs after a hard session, to promote good pedal cadence and to have some aerobic endurance.
Effort Level 1 – Active Recuperation 0–55% FTP 0–68% Threshold HR 0–2 RPE
Aim to hold a cadence of about 90-100rpm at all times, do not try and push a hard gear keep the pressure on the pedals light and easy.
Do stretching and compression as a form of cool down.

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