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5 Week Beginner Sprint Distance Triathlon Plan


Dr Will O'Connor

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5 Weeks

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Plan Description

Want to do a sprint distance triathlon but not sure where to start?
Already training for a triathlon but need structure and direction?
Have you had some time off and need some extra motivation to get back into a training routine?
This 5-week training plan is great for newbies or people coming back to training after time off. I have included detailed workout descriptions and plenty of variety.
The programme is designed to target the specific weaknesses that are common amongst entry-level triathletes.
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Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
1:33 hrs 0:45 hrs
2:37 hrs 1:00 hrs
2:13 hrs 1:55 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
1:33 hrs 0:45 hrs
2:37 hrs 1:00 hrs
2:13 hrs 1:55 hrs

Training Load By Week

This plan works best with the following fitness devices:

  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • GPS

All supported devices

Dr Will O'Connor

Performance Advantage

I have been racing, studying and coaching endurance sports for my entire adult life. For me, endurance training isn't an afterthought or a chore, it's a way of life.

Early mornings, blisters, afternoon naps, getting excited about the latest Garmin release, that's who I am.

Sample Day 1

150s mixed with 25s

200 choice swim warm up
4x150 w/:30 rest (50 kick/100 swim build)
4x25 w/:10 rest (fingertip drag)
4x150 w/:30 rest (50 free/50 non-free/50 free)
4x25 w/:10 rest (breathing every 5 strokes)
4x150 pull w/:30 rest (50 easy, 50 med, 50 strong)
4x25 w/:10 rest (catch up drill)
100 cool down

Sample Day 2

Running to heart rate example

Most runners from professionals to amateurs run too fast in training. A great way to ensure you are training your aerobic system is to use a heart rate monitor.
You can use this simple calculator to figure out your training zones.

Sample Day 3


Warm up:
500m mixed swim
400m pull
3 x 100m kick (+10)

4 x 50m fast (+10)
100m easy (+20)
2 x 100m fast (+10)
100m easy (+20)
200m fast (+10)
100m easy
200m cool down

Sample Day 3

Russian Steps

warm-up 10min then the fun part;
15s all-out sprint - 45s recovery
30s all-out sprint - 30s recovery
45s all-out sprint - 15s recovery
60s all-out sprint - 60s recovery
45s all-out sprint - 15s recovery
30s all-out sprint - 30s recovery
15s all-out sprint - 45s recovery
Cool down 10min

Sample Day 4

Speed Run Test

Normal warm-up 15min (slow jog, easy run, steady run)
1km as fast a possible
5min rest/walking
400m as fast as possible
rest for as long as you need to before continuing on with a 15min jog.

Sample Day 5

Aerobic Sprint Set

300 choice warm up.
12x25 w/:15 rest (3 build, 1 easy)
300 swim
8x25 w/:15 rest (1 non-free/1 free)
300 (kick/drill/swim by 25)
6x25 w/:15 rest (1 easy/1 FAST!)
200 pull (3/5 breathing pattern)
6x25 w/:15 rest (FAST 5 meters kick underwater)
100 choice kick
4x25 w/:30 rest (all RACE, from a dive)
100 easy/recovery
4x50 pull w/:15 rest (distance per stroke)
100 cool down

Sample Day 6

Speed session (2020s)

15min warm up
15x (20sec hard, 20sec easy)
cool down....

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