Sprint Triathlon | 8 Week Competitive Build to Race Day | Intermediate

Average Weekly Training Hours 06:19
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 06:19
Training Load By Week

Plug this Sprint Triathlon plan into your calendar 8 weeks prior to your race and come race day, you will kill it!

This sprint triathlon training plan is an 8-week competitive build to race day. 750m swim + 20km bike + 5km run. This plan would be suitable for other triathlon distances that vary slighted, more or less, by a few km for each leg.

This sprint triathlon plan is designed for the BUSY person juggling a full-time job and family. It is best suited for intermediate triathlete and requires a base period to be completed prior to taking on this plan. Do not attempt this sprint triathlon training plan if you are a beginner or have not taken the time to build a proper base. Even though most workouts are short, there are several high intensity and demanding workouts in this plan.

The sprint triathlon training plan is HR & TSS based. It has everything the intermediate triathlete needs at the competitive stage of training, including brick and mini triathlon practices, run intervals, cycling hills, core strength workouts (my videos), progressive builds, active recovery, rest days, stretching routines, recovery weeks, and race taper.

If you use this plan to train for a sprint triathlon race, I would love to know how it worked for you. Feedback is always welcomed! Good luck with your training, racing, and all your adventures.

Sample Day 1
Swim | 1 Min Builds x 2 sets

10 minute warm up with drills. Then 4 x 1 minute builds. Each 1 minute gets progressively harder and faster. Once all 4 builds are completed, take a 4 minute recovery swim. Then repeat the build again. Finish with a 10 minute cool down of easy meditative swimming. Focus on your breath.

Sample Day 1
Static Core Workout

This short core workout is great for any athlete looking to develop a stronger core. Follow me along in my workout by clicking the link.


Sample Day 2
Run Intervals | 2 Min x 6

Run Speed Intervals. 20 minute warm up. 2 minutes hard followed by 2 minutes easy. Repeat x 6. Cool down for 16 minutes of easy running. Stretch & foam roll post-workout. Practice deep belly breathing and relaxing the muscles to release tension. Hydrate!

Sample Day 3
Bike | 4 x 3 Minute Builds

This workout gets harder as you move along, helping you to increase strength and endurance. Warm up and then complete the 4 builds in the proper HR zones. Finish off with a nice cool down, spinning easy. Make sure you hydrate after. Stretch and foam roll post-workout or later that day. Enjoy!

Sample Day 3
Easy Steady Swim | 30 Min

Steady state swimming, nice and easy. No structure. Focus on form, breathing, and remaining calm. Enjoy!

Sample Day 4
Progressive Run | 2 x 4 Min Build

Progressive Run Workout. Warm up 10 minutes. The main work build towards a faster pace. After build is done, run or walk a 10 minute cool down. Practice deep belly breathing during the walk to ignite recovery. Hydrate, stretch, & foam roll after.

Sample Day 4
Endurance Core

This core workout is an asset to any athletes program. Click the link to get started and I'll guide you through an effective and efficient 20-min core workout:


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