ironguides "The Method": 8-Week Sprint Distance Triathlon - Advanced Athletes

This training plan is designed to prepare you for Triathlon with Sprint distance using The Method, the innovative training protocol, from ironguides, that enables you to make the most out of limited training time.
Before you start into your program, have a read through this manual and make sure you fully understand the structure of your workouts and program. Each phase of training provides a complete set of weekly instructions for the workouts you need to complete. There are instructions on a week by week basis for building up to each workout, and notes to ensure you work on multiple aspects of your swimming, cycling and running.

Week 1-3: Building a Routine
Week 4-7: Picking up the Speed
Week 8: Taper

Sample Day 1
Swim - Week 1-3 Building a Routine

w/u: 4x100m easy (15sec rest after each)
4x the following (use pb + small paddles)
[12x25m as
 First THREE are swum EASY (20sec rest)
 Every FOURTH 25m effort ALL OUT (20sec rest)
 After the 25’s, swim 100m ALL OUT
(no pull buoy or paddle)
 Take 4min total rest (no swimming) ]
 Repeat the above as indicated
c/d: 4x 100m easy (with paddle/pb)

Week 1: w/u + c/d + 1x [25’s + 100m] (no paddles/pb)
Week 2: w/u + c/d + 2x [25’s + 100m] (no paddles/pb)
Week 3: full session (no paddles/pb)

Sample Day 2
Bike - Week 1-3 Building a Routine

On stationary bike, you will work up to begin the following
in Week 3:
20min easy w/u
20x POWER Intervals
[1min at 45-55 cadence HARD RESISTANCE / with 1min
VERY EASY recovery]
10min EASY c/d
Make each effort ALL OUT against VERY HIGH resistance!
The cadence should be low (40-45 rpm per leg per
minute) because you can’t push any harder because the
resistance is so high! We are aiming for rubbery legs

Week 1: 60min easy cycling on stationary or outside
Week 2: 75min moderate cycling on stationary or outside
Week 3: 30min easy bike + 15x POWER + c/d

Sample Day 3
Swim - Week 1-3 Building a Routine

1750m, swum as:
 4x50m easy w/u (10sec rest after each)
 Intervals as below
 8 x25m easy c/d (10sec rest)
 Using small paddles + pb starting in week 3

Week 1: 3x [6x50m (10sec rest) / 6x25m (15sec rest)]
 Every 3rd 50m and 3rd 25m ALL OUT
Week 2: 3x [6x50m (10sec rest) / 6x25m (10sec rest)]
 swim 50’s as 1 easy, 1 fast
Week 3: 3x [4x50m (10sec rest) / 10x25m (5sec rest)]
 swim 25’s as 1 easy, 1 fast

Sample Day 3
Run - Week 1-3 Building a Routine

Easy run

Week 1: 30min easy run on land
Week 2: 40min easy run on treadmill
Week 3: 40min moderate run on land

Sample Day 4
Bike - Week 1-3 Building a Routine

Easy bike to start a routine

Week 1: 45min easy
Week 2: 45min moderate
Week 3: 45min moderate

Sample Day 4
Run - Week 1-3 Building a Routine

On flat road or treadmill, off the bike
10min w/u
15min as 30seg FAST /30sec easy or rest if on
treadmill (jump off the belt)
5min cool down

Week 1: 20min easy jog
Week 2: 20min moderate
Week 3: 30min moderate

Sample Day 5
Swim - Week 1-3 Building a Routine

Same as Monday’s swim!

Week 1: same as Monday
Week 2: same as Monday
Week 3: same as Monday