Sprint Triathlon - Time/Intensity 14 Weeks

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Sprint Triathlon - Time/Intensity 14 Weeks


Rachel Zambrano - Peaks Coaching Group

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14 Weeks

Typical Week

4 Run, 3 Bike, 2 Strength, 3 Swim, 1 Other

Longest Workout

1:00 hrs swim
1:30 hrs bike
0:45 hrs run

Plan Specs

triathlon sprint beginner intermediate advanced power based hr based tss based

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The focus of this 14 week program is foundation and strength for sprint triathlon. This plan will prepare you for any sprint triathlon or for your first. This training plan is designed to focus on time and intensity rather than distance and is based on a five zone training system to prepare the athlete to be versatile and well trained. The preferred method of training is by power, followed by pace, then by heart rate, then, if no other training tools exist, RPE.

The Swim and Bike training zones are at the choice of the athlete, but this plan has been written to accommodate training with 5 zones - whether it be by power, pace, heart rate or RPE. Information on Bike and Swim zones are available via the internet, more information on Run Zones can be found below.

The run zones are as follows:

Zambrano Run Power Training Zones (based on % of threshold):
Z1 (recovery) < 82%
Z2 (endurance) 82% - 88%
Z3 (tempo) 89 - 95%
Z4 (threshold) 96% - 104%
Z5 (anaerobic) >104%

For athletes using pace, this plan uses Joe Friel's running pace zones, however zones 5a, 5b, and 5c will not be used separately in this plan.

For athletes using heart rate zones, this plan uses Andy Coggan's heart rate zones.

The RPE scale used in this plan has only five zones and is roughly equivalent to the zones listed above.

Zambrano Run RPE Training Zones:
Z1 (recovery) This is easy. You should be able to hold a conversation at this pace without breathing hard.
Z2 (endurance) This is your all day pace. Conversation becomes difficult, but not impossible.
Z3 (tempo) This is your marathon pace. Holding a conversation isn't impossible, but it is challenging to run and converse at the same time at this point.
Z4 (threshold) This is almost the top of your ability. You aren't sprinting, but conversation is impossible
Z5 (anaerobic) This is everything you have - all the gas in the tank that you can give. Intervals here don't last more than a few minutes because your muscles simply can't go much longer than that.

Good luck! Ruby


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 06:22
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 06:22
Average Weekly Breakdown

Hunter Allen

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Sample Day 1

Swim time trial

250 warmup, free style
2 x 50 sprint
2 x 50 easy
2-3 minute rest
2 x 500 fast, steady pace
250 cooldown

1 minute between intervals

Sample Day 1


Easy zone 1 run today. This should be slow enough to irritate you for the full 20 minutes.

Sample Day 2

Threshold Test

Today's workout is a bit of a bear. But it is necessary, so bear with it.

Over 15-20 minutes, begin with an easy spin and progressively get harder. You'll want to work at intensity for a few minutes to warm the legs up. Then, perform 3 x 10 second sprints. Spin easily for another 5 minutes. At 25 minutes, begin your 20 minute test. Your goal today is to practice pacing. Familiarize yourself with this area - this is threshold and we'll be here often over the next 12 weeks. Try to pace the 20 minutes evenly at the top of your ability. If you're new to cycling, don't worry about what happens today, this is intended to be hard and you'll get better at it. Just give everything you have over that twenty minutes.
95% of the average power for the 20 minutes is your threshold power, and your average heart rate over the 20 minutes is your heart rate threshold.

Make sure you do an easy 5 minute cooldown.

Sample Day 3

Long Run

Steady pace, zone 2/3 effort

Build up to zone 2 over the first ten minutes, then remain there. Finish off the last three minutes in zone 3.

Sample Day 3

Long Swim

3 x 500 meters steady, zone 2

Sample Day 4

Short endurance ride

Steady ride, moderate effort

Build up to zone 2 effort and maintain it for the ride.

Sample Day 4


Do this immediately after your bike - practice your transition. Get used to the way your legs feel coming off the bike.

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