Beginner Sprint in 8 weeks


Louis Cicchino

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8 Weeks

Typical Week

3 Run, 2 Bike, 2 Swim, 1 Day Off

Longest Workout

0:50 hrs swim
1:10 hrs bike
0:45 hrs run

Plan Specs

triathlon sprint intermediate

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This plan is for somebody who can swim 50 meters/yards (one lap) in the pool, bike for a sustained effort at 30 minutes and has run a stand alone 5K.

We will start by discussing efforts and zones by using the Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) scale and applying those to zones.

Zone1 will fall into 1-3 on the RPE scale and feels very light to easy
Z2 will fall into the 3-5 on the RPE scale and feels moderately light to moderate but still in conversation effort
Z3 is 5-7 on the RPE scale and is moderate with heavy breathing to mod/hard but able to talk a few words
Z4 is 7-9 on the RPE scale and is hard enough that you can't talk but you can hold this effort for 60 minutes
Z5 is a 10 on the RPE scale and is maximal effort


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 04:21
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 04:21
Average Weekly Breakdown

Louie Frank Cicchino

Accelero Endurance

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Sample Day 1


10 min comfortable run building to Z3 for WarmUp (WU)
5 dynamic stretches (butt kicks, frankenstein walks, skips, side shuffles, grapevines)

15 min steady run at high Z2

Sample Day 2


15 minute WarmUp (WU) build from Z1 to high Z2

2 min Z3 at 60 RPM
1 min Z1 spin at 90+ RPM

15 min steady Z2 at your comfortable cadence

Sample Day 3


WU 4 laps of 50 meters/yards Z1-Z2 totalling 200 with :25-:30 rest in between (RI)

4x 25 zipper drill (focus on rotation with the zipper) and 25 swim Z1-Z2 :30 RI

4x 50 focus on good technique with rotation Z1-Z2 :20 RI

Sample Day 4


10 min WU from Z1 to high Z2

1 min at Z3 (moderate hard)
4 min at Z2

Sample Day 6


15 min WU from Z1 to high Z2

15 min steady effort at Z2 (control your breathing)

Sample Day 6

Brick Run

Find your running legs off the bike with a 10 min build from Z1 to high Z2 effort

5 min Z3 effort run
5 min Z2 effort run

Sample Day 7


WU 6 laps Z1-Z2 with rest as you need :25-:30 (RI)

4x 25 zipper drill with focus on rotation 25 swim with good technique :30 RI

8x 50's Z3 Moderate effort with :30 RI

Beginner Sprint in 8 weeks

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