Sprint Triathlon Plan (6 Week Plan)

Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 03:43

This is a 6-week Sprint Triathlon Plan for the Coach Jen Rulon Triathlon Training Course!

Sample Day 1
1000 Swim #1

100 Swim or 2:00 minute if you are in your pool. 100 Kick with Fins 100 Arm Drills Repeat 4 x 100 Pull with paddles and pull bouy

Sample Day 36
Pre Race Run #3

10' Warm Up
5 x :30 at faster than Race Pace/1:30 Just Run
5' Just Run
5' Cooldown

Sample Day 37
Pre Race Swim #1

Warm Up: 100 Swim, 100 Pull, 100 Choice Drills: 4 x 75 Kick, Drill, Swim with fins. Main Set: 6x50 fast form (on 90 seconds). 3 x 100 Pull with Paddles, no bouy

Sample Day 38
Pre Race Spin

Outside or on Trainer. 5-10' Warm up at 90+. 5 x 1:00 of 80-85 rpm, Big Chain Ring. :30 RI at 90+. 4 x :30 at 75 rpm STANDING, :30 rest and spin. Spin rest of ride.

Sample Day 39
Pre Race Swim

Swim only 20 minutes. 
5 minute warm up, your choice.
6 x 25 meter sprints. Go hard for first half and then relax going into the wall. Take a :10 rest in between. Then finish with just an easy swim for the last 10 minutes.

Sample Day 40
Pre Race Spin

Outside is preferred or on Trainer. 
5-10' Warm up at 90+. 
10 x 1:00 of 80-85 rpm, Big Chain Ring. :30 RI at 90+.
Finish ride at "transition" spot

Sample Day 40

Run off the Bike.
Make sure you have your transition set up at your house or at your car. Try to make the transition time quick.

Jennifer Fritzsching-Rulon

My goal is to get the athlete to the finish line, injury free and with a smile. I will provide a training plan specific to your "A" race. I will be a coach, sometimes a cheerleader but I will also provide tough love if you are not getting the work in. Remember, you have to do this for YOU! No one else. If you are looking for a coach with NO BS, contact me.