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Paul Gardner

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7 Weeks

Typical Week

4 Swim, 2 Strength

Longest Workout

1:00 hrs swim

Plan Specs

triathlon sprint intermediate advanced masters pace based

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Sport: Swim
Includes Strength and Conditioning, Plyo, Warm ups and Cool downs

Distance | Event: n/a SPEED SHOCK

Suitable for: Intermediate | Advanced SWIMMING 3-5 TIMES A WEEK

Suitable for an athlete conditioned or regularly training in this sport, or fit enough from other sports to require a challenging programme of improvement in their chosen discipline. Your goal may be a personal best, finishing high up in a banner event or representing your club regularly. You may also be stepping up a distance and want to do this in a smart way that maximises your resistance to injury and avoids overtraining. You get a progressive programme based on your chosen way of measuring effort that’s clear, easy to follow and starts with testing and manageable sessions that grow more challenging as you improve.

The 'SHOCK' plan will work your high end pace and sprint speeds ensuring that you knock significant time off your swim performance at the end of the training period. Shorter harder sessions are in the week, with a longer swim at the weekend. You swim 4 times a week, and can combine the pure speed sessions with your own top and tail slower warm ups, cool downs and endurance work if you want to keep the distance up.

It is POOL BASED' All timings are set according to your swim ability from the initial test you undertake, or from effort levels of understanding of your current pace. This swim boost programme is authored by a leading technical swim and Ironman Certified coach

The programme is deliberately short, 6 weeks and you’ll need to know how to use a pool clock or timing device to pace yourself. If you want to view other swimmer’s comments on the programme and coaching methodology, please visit

Plan includes all tests, calculators and sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

What you get:
• Video introduction and Welcome
• Full test protocols for benchmarking and improvement, plus retesting sessions
• One-minute videos on Training Peaks set up and use, plus how-to PDF
• Information on all links to connect your training device and Training Peaks+
• Free Swim Technique Video Library on YouTube
• ALL sessions based on YOUR fitness, pace, heart rate or power metrics
• Inbuilt ‘progression’ challenge, sessions get more challenging the fitter you get
• Full illustrated guides on all strength and conditioning sessions
• A plan based on your chosen way of measuring your effort and improvement
• A programme based not on hours, but on fitness progression for your chosen event
• An invitation to the closed group Racestronger Facebook pages where you can share experiences, ask questions and find out more relating to your training Ethos:
All our plans offer proven results, and have been used by elites to novice level athletes in multi- discipline to single sport to achieve personal bests and outstanding performances. Race proven by the Lovetri |Swimwerkx team and hundreds of athletes worldwide. The library features full multi-discipline programmes and ‘boost’ programmes, allowing you to focus on your favourite sport or the one you want to improve the most. You’ll find a programme to suit at that allows you to mix metric train, with power and heart rate, or train using your preferred effort measurement method. Why not buy a plan and take advantage of our tailoring offer, meaning we can swap around for a small fee the types of sessions if required to make it perfect for you!

Good luck, now go get in the water!


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 00:58

Paul Gardner Head Coach Lovetri Race Team

Lovetri | Swimwerkx Race Team

Head Coach|Owner LovetriSwimwerkx Race Team
Founder online training plans

Ex GB Age Group athlete and Triathlon England Board Member. Head Coach and Coach Mentor [coach other coaches]

  • Ironman certified
  • BTF Level II Diploma
  • Training Peaks LII
  • Wattbike Power Trained

We support you in your goals, blending scientific based training proven at elite level around your work and personal life. You get fun effective functional training that delivers results.|

Sample Day 1

TEST - ALTERNATE 1000m Threshold

Swimming Pace

Simply swim 1000 and then divide your finish time by 10. This is your T-time. This should be done early in the Base period and every 4 to 6 weeks thereafter. The more times you do this test the more accurate your T-time will become as there is a learning curve that has to do with pacing in the first few minutes when doing this test.

Step 2

Set your swim pace zones in your TrainingPeaks account. Where you see 'T' or 'T' time [with or without plus (+) or minus (-) a few seconds this means for example a T-time pace that would be the equivalent of your T-time plus or minus the seconds per 100, so you'll need to work that out for the length of the pool you are in.  it is a 50 meter/yard set you are doing, half the time difference]

How to Video here:

Sample Day 3

Criss Cross T SWIM [AeR Mix] | 1280

Warm up 200m Freestyle easy pace
200m Freestyle pulling starting very slowly and building up the speed gradually

Main Set
200m Freestyle moderate effort , 30 sec rest
2x100m Freestyle firm pace effort, 30 sec rest
4 x 50m Freestyle fast pace, 45 seconds rest
8 x 25m Freestyle 1 sprint, 1 easy, 30 sec rest

Easy Swim 300m very easy swimming with good technique

Sample Day 5

T + Swim [40 x 25 Sprints] | 1350

+Endurance Instructions

W/U 150m choice swimming

Main set 40 x 25m at Sprint Effort with 5 secs rest [this is threshold= pace not all out]

W/D 200m easy swimming

Sample Day 7

T Swim [30 x 50 Sprint Effort] | 1400

Endurance Instructions

W/U 200m choice swimming

Main set 20 x 50m at Olympic Effort with 10secs rest

W/D 200m easy swimming

Sample Day 9

T+ Swim [Negative Split 200s] | 1400

Six sets of 200-metre repeats. In each set of 200 metres aim for the second 100 metres to be 10 seconds quicker than the first 100 metres


aim to do as many of these as you can in the remaining time post warm up and pre warm down

All off 30 seconds rest if you swim 7:30 for 400
All off 20 seconds rest if you swim 6:30 for 400
All off 10 seconds rest if you swim sub 5:30

Sample Day 11

T Swim [Short ints/recoveries] | 1700

WU: 100 kick.then 4 x 50s swim done as 25s each of kick, R arm only, L arm only, swim. [one arm swimming is UNCO, 15" RI

ensure you breathe to the NON STROKING side, arm by your side, ensure you rotate using the HIPS and core]

MS: Try to make the times for these as consistent as possible. Recoveries are in seconds within parentheses.

8 x 100 @ T-pace (10”).
8 x 50 @ T-pace (10”).

CD: 200 easy.

Sample Day 13

T Swim [Pyramid Threshold] | 1550

WU: 4 x 50 increasing pace slightly each 25

MS: All are at T-pace for IM [top end Z2] and or 70.3 [mid zone 3 max]: See below

50 (10”), 100 (15”), 150 (15”), 200 (30”), 250(40”), 200 (30”), 150 (15”), 100 (15”), 50.

CD: 100 easy with emphasis on form

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