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Paul Gardner

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21 Weeks

Typical Week

3 Run, 1 Custom, 3 Swim, 3 Bike

Longest Workout

0:50 hrs swim
1:00 hrs bike
0:59 hrs run

Plan Specs

triathlon sprint beginner multi day hr based pace based

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Sport: Triathlon
Includes Strength and Conditioning, Plyo, Warm ups and Cool downs

Distance | Event: Supersprint & Sprint Triathlon RACE ON SATURDAY [INCLUDES PRO TRANSITION TIPS GUIDE]

Suitable for: Novice | Beginner

Suitable for an unconditioned athlete new to the sport or discipline, or someone returning after a long layoff from regular activity, perhaps injury or child birth. You may be doing something important to you or an event for a charity. You get a progressive programme based on your chosen way of measuring effort that’s clear, easy to follow and starts with testing and manageable sessions that grow more challenging as you improve. We recommend that you book a target event or race to provide motivation and announce your intentions on social media, so you get support from your friends and family

This plan is suitable for a novice planning on doing their first Sprint [750m swim, 20k bike, 5K run] Triathlon or Super Sprint distance [up to 400m swim, 10k bike, 2.5k run].

You WILL need a pull buoy for swim, or a float you can put between your thighs for portions of your swim sessions, and ideally a turbo trainer ['turbo' - an indoor apparatus that allows you to cycle indoors using your own bike] or access to an indoor bike or spin machine as its safer to work hard indoors rather than on the road if you are a beginner to cycling. You can probably swim around 200m plus front crawl or any stroke, or would like to, without stopping, run for about 2.5K and bike 10K already. If this is too easy for you then try our intermediate novice plan

The plan is based on HEART RATE, [ as measured by a wrist based sensor or chest strap connected to your training device, usually a watch] and consists of shorter workouts suitable for fast improvement over 20 weeks. You start with endurance and will, like the pros be doing more speed based shorter work as the plan progresses. You do NOT need to be fit to start this plan If you don't have a heart rate monitor or don't want to buy one then select the same plan with 'EFFORT' in the title RACE SAT

There is a professional 'taper' so that you arrive fresh for your SATURDAY race PLUS a whole bunch of triathlon race tips for the new and not so new triathlete!

What you get:
• Video introduction and Welcome
• Full test protocols for benchmarking and improvement, plus retesting sessions
• One-minute videos on Training Peaks set up and use, plus how-to PDF
• Information on all links to connect your training device and Training Peaks+
• Access to bike power software, turbotraining.co.uk FREE until March 2018
• Free Swim Technique Video Library on YouTube
• Free Run Technique Video Library on YouTube
• ALL sessions based on YOUR fitness, pace, heart rate or power metrics
• Inbuilt ‘progression’ challenge, sessions get more challenging the fitter you get
• Full illustrated guides on all strength and conditioning sessions
• A plan based on your chosen way of measuring your effort and improvement
• A programme based not on hours, but on fitness progression for your chosen event
• An invitation to the closed group Racestronger Facebook pages where you can share experiences, ask questions and find out more relating to your training

Racestronger.com Ethos:
All our plans offer proven results, and have been used by elites to novice level athletes in multi- discipline to single sport to achieve personal bests and outstanding performances. Race proven by the Lovetri |Swimwerkx team and hundreds of athletes worldwide. The library features full multi-discipline programmes and ‘boost’ programmes, allowing you to focus on your favourite sport or the one you want to improve the most. You’ll find a programme to suit at www.racestronger.com that allows you to mix metric train, with power and heart rate, or train using your preferred effort measurement method. Why not buy a plan and take advantage of our tailoring offer, meaning we can swap around for a small fee the types of sessions if required to


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 05:05
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 05:05
Average Weekly Breakdown

Paul Gardner Head Coach Lovetri Race Team

Lovetri | Swimwerkx Race Team

Head Coach|Owner LovetriSwimwerkx Race Team
Founder racestronger.com online training plans

Ex GB Age Group athlete and Triathlon England Board Member. Head Coach and Coach Mentor [coach other coaches]

  • Ironman certified
  • BTF Level II Diploma
  • Training Peaks LII
  • Wattbike Power Trained

We support you in your goals, blending scientific based training proven at elite level around your work and personal life. You get fun effective functional training that delivers results.


Sample Day 1

TEST V02 Max | Track Reps

Run a 6-minute time trial on a track. Do this BEFORE you attempt the V02 Max Runs that you'll see. You HAVE to do these before you see the VO2 Max Repeat sessions on your schedule

Divide the total distance you run in 6 minutes by 12 to get the distance covered per 30 seconds.
Suppose you run 1,720 meters in your 6-minute time trial. One 12th of this distance is 143 meters OR download the calculator attached and 'enable' editing. Input your distance covered and let the calculator do the work!

When you see the sessions later in your plan, you'll be given a time interval in which to perform that distance - for 30 sec reps you cover this distance, for 60 sec reps it's twice that, for 3.00 reps it's 5 times that distance

So either
a) Mark this/these distance(s) on your watch with an alarm
b) Mark the route or track point that equals those distances so you know when you get to them BEST, a water bottle maybe?
c) Set your watch at the average speed or pace that you achieved and do all the reps at that speed or pace

you're done. :)

Sample Day 2

Steady Mix [S] | 550

Warm up 100m, as 25m alternate -swim, backstroke legs only, swim and full backstroke

Pull Main Set 200m Freestyle pulling steady pace - Concentrate on using your triceps and lats, with pull buoy between legs

45 sec rest

100m Freestyle swimming as 3 Lengths/laps steady, 1 length fast pace,
30 sec rest

50m Freestyle fast pace

Swim 100m very slow, any mix of strokes

Sample Day 3


This will calculate or estimate your current fitness and LTHR for run without the need for an early season max testing session

You perform two sub max tests on a flat course or on treadmill. Use the same course, and similar conditions if you do outside.

Do 2 x 20 minute tests with appropriate rest in between, if you are unfit, or detrained please do 2 x 10 minutes instead

Sample Day 7

SWIM | KEY Technique Slow & Easy

Warm up any 150m include 75m of any 3 drills [click on paperclip above to download]

RI = Rest Interval

THEN all with pull buoy

so OK

4 x25m focussing on good rotation, with high elbow and FINGER TRAIL [so you lead with your elbow and trail your finger tips in the water]

REST 30 secs

4 x 25m focussing on breathing into armpit, no raising of head at the front

RI 10 secs each length

REST 30 secs

4 x25m of 11 [rock and roll drill], see link below
RI 15 secs each length

REST 30 secs

4 x 25m as kick 12.5m [no float, arms in front] into full swim for rest of 25m, rest for 20 secs each length

REST 30 secs


2 x 100 m focussing on an accelerating pull, so ensure that you push the water back past your thigh, and that you ensure palm is back to the last wall you left, and that it accelerates, so no 's' shape, just straight back. Rest when needed after each 100m

Try and do another 100m of the accelerating pull every session.

Sample Day 8

TURBO | 3 Peaks LTHR

10 min at steady Zone 2 endurance

5 min as 20 sec at Zone 4 threshold 40 sec at Zone 1 recovery

Main Set:
1) 10 min as: 7 min at Zone 3 tempo 1 min at Zone 4 threshold, 2 min at Zone 2 endurance

2) 8 min as: 4 min at Zone 3 tempo 1:30 at Zone 4 threshold , 2:30 at Zone 2 endurance

3) 5 min as: 3 min at Zone 3 tempo , 1 min at Zone 4 threshold , 1 min at Zone 2 endurance

5 min easy Zone 1 recovery and stretch post bike

Sample Day 9

V02 Max Repeats RPE 3030 P1-4

Track or Grass (Hard) You need to have done the VO2Max interval test first to establish your run distance

— Warm up with 10 minutes of easy jogging
— Set the countdown timer on your watch for 30 seconds and reset it immediately at the beginning and end of each interval

— Run 30 seconds at your vVO2 max covering exactly your vV02 max distance or at your pace / speed calculated
— Jog 30 seconds at roughly half of vVO2 max pace

— Repeat this process until you fail twice in a row to do the distance in the 30 seconds or you cannot keep the pace / speed up for the 30 seconds (16-24 intervals are the norm) in the 30 seconds allocated

— Cool down with 10 minutes of easy jogging
(Expect to see the number of intervals you’re able to complete gradually increase from session to session; expect to see your pace increase gradually as well)

Sample Day 10

Steady Mix [S] | 550

Warm up 100m, as 25m alternate -swim, backstroke legs only, swim and full backstroke

Pull Main Set 200m Freestyle pulling steady pace - Concentrate on using your triceps and lats, with pullbuoy

45 sec rest

100m Freestyle swimming as 3 Lengths/laps steady, 1 length fast pace,
30 sec rest

50m Freestyle fast pace

Swim 100m very slow, any mix of strokes

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