12 Week Sprint Plan for relative new comers


Coach Dave D'Abrosca - USAT Level 1 Certified

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12 Weeks

Typical Week

3 Swim, 1 Other, 3 Bike, 3 Run, 1 Day Off

Longest Workout

1:00 hrs swim
1:48 hrs bike
0:57 hrs run

Plan Specs

triathlon sprint beginner intermediate

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This 12 week Sprint Plan is designed for the athlete who is looking to do their first Sprint Triathlon, but current level of fitness allows 500 yards of continuous swimming, 12+ miles cycling and is capable of running a 5k. This plan is also appropriate for an athlete who has done a few Sprints, but would like to step up to a structured plan but isn't quite ready to hire a full service coach.

The athlete should have a running watch and/or a cycling computer that allows capture of speed, distance, time and heart rate. These workouts by default do not require a power meter, but please contact the coach if you'd prefer to train with power.

In addition to scripted plans Power2Tri Multisport also provides full service coaching. Please email us at info@power2Tri-Multisport.com for more information on more comprehensive coaching plans.


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 06:34
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 06:34
Average Weekly Breakdown

Dave D'Abrosca

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Power2Tri Multisport provides athlete-focused, 1:1 coaching for athletes across the US. We take a balanced, structured and data driven approach to training. Our training systems have helped athletes complete their first triathlon thru Ironman, achieve PRs and qualification for National/World Championship races. In addition to triathlon, we coach duathlon, run + cycling only athletes.

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Sample Day 1

Short Endurance 300 Build + 1000 Main Set

Warm Up 100yd
1 x 50yd Freestyle Swim (Easy)
1 x 50yd Freestyle Swim (Steady Pace)
Repeat 2x
2 x 25yd Freestyle Lateral Kick
2 x 25yd Freestyle Underwater recovery
2 x 25yd Freestyle Catch-Up
Main Set
1 x 400yd Freestyle Swim (Steady Pace) - 25s Rest Interval
2 x 300yd Freestyle Kick with Fins
Rest Interval 00:30s
Warm Down 100yd
1 x 50yd Freestyle Swim
1 x 50yd Freestyle Swim (Easy)

Sample Day 2

Cycling HR Zone Assessment *** Read all notes ahead of test *** Copy

On this Assessment we are working to determine your current sustainable effort for 1 hour. But, good news, your TT will only be for 30 minutes. Overall, this will be a hard effort, so make sure to do it fairly rested, hydrated, fueled, but not on a full stomach. We will use the average HR of the last 20 minutes of the TT to determine your zones. Take that average and then use the calculator from below:

Go to information below:
- http://power2tri-multisport.com
- More Info
- File Downloads
- Click Download
- Use password in pre-activity comments
- Click Download

Sample Day 3

Active Recovery

Sample Day 4

Swim Test - 3 x 300 *** POST SWIM ZONES ***

200 easy, 10s rest
2 x 150 done as: 50 swim, 50 kick, 50 swim, 10s rest
2 x 100 easy, 10s rest
3 x 300 time trial, 30s rest
- hit lap button for each set so we can get the split time for each 300.
2 x 200 easy. You can alternate free/back by 50 if you like.

Sample Day 5

LTHR Test -- 30 Minute TT

*** If you already have established HR Zones don't do this run with those zones in mind. During the TT you should be going for max sustainable 30 minute effort... we don't want you fading and we don't want you to have anything left at the end ***
** Best if done on a flat and repeatable course, such as a track **
Running watch to record the 30 minute TT, but don't look at the watch for pace... go by feel and go at your hardest pace you can HOLD... the idea is to have the mile splits deviate by no more than 5% +/-

Sample Day 6

Aerobic Intervals

Sample Day 7

Endurance Drills & 4x200/50

12 Week Sprint Plan for relative new comers

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