8 Week Sprint Plan for Beginners (Level 1)

Average Weekly Training Hours 05:03
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 05:03
Training Load By Week

This is a simplified 8 week training plan for beginner triathletes. Athletes should possess a fundamental understanding of the 3 disciplines prior to starting.

Each week contains 2 swims, 2 bike and 3 runs. The swims start with 800 yards and build to 1500 yards. The runs range from 25 minutes to just over an hour. The rides begin with 30 minutes and increase to 90 minutes.

This plan will properly prepare an athlete for a sprint level triathlon: 4-600 yard swim, 12-13 mile bike and 3 mile run.

Sample Day 1
800 swim

WU: 6 x 50 easy on 10-20" rest.
MS: 4 x 75 moderate on 20" rest
4 x 25 as fast as you can with good form. Rest as needed
CD: 100 cool down

Sample Day 2
Core Workout #1

Perform each exercise for 45-60 seconds. Repeat 2x. As you progess work up to 60-90" per exercise. 1. Forearm Plank 2. Bridge with extension--hold bridge position and extend one leg at a time 3. Side plank 4. Bird dog 5. Flutter kicks

Sample Day 2
Easy Run - 25

Easy run. This should be done at a casual, conversational pace. Do NOT exceed z2.

Sample Day 3
Aerobic Ride

Warmup for 10' nice and easy. Then ride 20' at a steady pace. Perform at least four 15" acceleration bursts to race pace. Cool down for 5'

Sample Day 4
1200 Swim

WU: 4 x 50 warm up with rest as needed
MS: 4x75 at medium effort (RPE 6) on 20" rest.
4 x 100 easy on 20" rest
CD: 100

Sample Day 5
Cross Train

Crosstrain today. My favorite crosstraining routine is yoga. I use the Yogamazing podcasts from Itunes. They are 20 minutes and involved a great deal of stretching. Other activities include pilates or strength training. If you are feeling really rundown for the week, then skip this exercise. If not, try to incorporate movement of some sort followed by stretching.

Sample Day 6
Aerobic Ride

Steady pace for an hour

Andrew Dollar
FTP Coaching

I am a USAT Level 2 coach with a focus in long course & ITU racing. I have coached over 300 different athletes ranging from the first time triathlete to the overall race winner. I host numerous training camps aimed at helping athletes improve at long course racing. I also volunteer with the SE High Performance Team, home to several national championship junior & youth elite athletes.