12 Week Advanced Time-Efficient Olympic Distance (Non-Drafting) Base Focus

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12 Week Advanced Time-Efficient Olympic Distance (Non-Drafting) Base Focus


Ben Bartlett

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12 Weeks

Typical Week

3 Swim, 3 Bike, 3 Run

Longest Workout

1:15 hrs swim
3:00 hrs bike
2:00 hrs run

Plan Specs

triathlon olympic

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Are you an age grouper who has a strong base of experience racing and training for non-drafting triathlons? Looking to move up and/or shoot for the podium in your age group or overall at your local race or be competitive at USAT Nationals at the Olympic distance? Here is a structured, highly time-efficient program for developing physiological and mechanical efficiency in all three disciplines with an orientation towards preparation for the quality phase of training for non-drafting, short course (Olympic distance) racing.


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 09:29
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 09:29
Average Weekly Breakdown

Ben Bartlett

Bartlett Multisport

Aside from competing at a semiprofessional level for the last ten years in triathlon, Coach Bartlett has successfully coached a range of abilities in endurance sport (triathletes, runners, cyclists, and swimmers), from beginners to advanced NCAA D1 graduates from varsity collegiate swim/run programs. Coach Bartlett interacts with his athletes on a daily or bi-daily with feedback. Programs for athletes are built and adjusted on a weekly basis according to how athletes respond to their training.

Sample Day 1

Aerobic- Endurance Focus

WU: 200 free start slow and build by 50. 100 kick start slow and build by 25. 4x25 w/ankle band on 0:05 rest (400)
Pre: 4x50 with tennis balls as 25 long strokes/25 turnover, on 0:10 rest (600)
MS: 8x200 pull with paddles and buoy, on 0:20 rest. Do not shorten the rest interval. Focus on even stroke count throughout, long, powerful strokes. (2000)
Kick: 4x50 as 25 moderate/25 FAST on 0:10 rest (2200)
CD: 100 choice easy (2300)

Sample Day 2

Cycling HR Zones Test

WU: 15:00 build gearing and cadence to steady aerobic
Pre: 4x(0:20 seated sprint in big ring at 95+ rpm w/0:40 easy spin after each rep), 1:00 easy spin before main set. Stop briefly to reset watch.
MS: 30:00 TT/race effort. Make sure you are starting a new split on your watch/device for this effort, and then hit the “Lap” button again 10:00 into the effort. Note avg hr and cadence (if available) for the last 20:00. TT in aero position at 80+ rpm if available. Calculate heart rate training zones by inputting this average in Training Peaks under your profile info for Bike Threshold- after inputting threshold heart rate, select  "Calculate", "Apply", and then "Save and Close"
CD: 15:00 very easy w/ nice, gentle stretch

Sample Day 3

Recovery Run

No heavy breathing-  pace and effort should be very moderate as this is more of a shake-out for your test later in the week than anything. Zones are not available yet so go by feel.

Sample Day 4

PaceT Threshold Assessment Swim

WU: 300 free, 200 pull, 200 kick as 25 easy/25 fast, 200 as 25 fist/25 free, 100 drill choice
Pre: 4x50 as 25 easy/25 FAST on 0:15 rest
MS: 10x100 w/0:10 rests at best effort. Time set from start to finish, including the nine rest periods. Subtract 90 seconds from the total time and divide by ten to determine threshold pace (PaceT)  for use in upcoming swims. 
CD: 4x200 paddles and buoy on 0:25 rest, focus on distance per stroke (DPS)

Sample Day 5

Recovery Ride w/Opener Sprints

On trainer. Warm up with 30:00 of Z1-low Z2, then complete 10x(0:15 SEATED SPRINT in big ring at 90+ rpm/2:45 Z1 super easy small ring light gearing). Stretch out after.

Sample Day 6

Run Heart Rate Zones Test- Advanced

WU: 1.5 miles jog, 4x0:20 FAST on soft surface w/ 0:40 jog rec before main set. Short, dynamic stretch before 4 mile effort.
MS: 4 miles timed effort (Track preferably)- Hit the “Lap” button 10:00 into the test to split the test into two segments. Note average heart rate for the latter segment. Calculate heart rate training zones by inputting this average in Training Peaks under your profile info for Bike Threshold- after inputting threshold heart rate, select  "Calculate", "Apply", and then "Save and Close". Note average pace for this whole effort for comparison to future threshold efforts.
CD: 0.5 mile easy walk-jog followed by gentle stretching

Sample Day 7

Early Season/Winter Base Ride

Heart rate should be at low-mid Z2 for average. Cadence at 80+ rpm. Alternate 10:00 on bullhorns/hoods with 10:00 on drops/in aero until 80 minutes in. Last 10:00 small ring spin only focus on smooth pedal stroke at 90+ rpm.

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