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Beginner 10 Week Olympic Distance Triathlon


Marty Gaal

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10 Weeks

Plan Specs

triathlon olympic beginner hr based strength

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Plan Description

This plan is for athletes who are relatively new to the sport of triathlon. The plan assumes that you have been swimming, running, and biking for several weeks prior to starting with this plan. The plan includes HR and perceived effort guidelines. The average weekly volume is about 7 hours with the biggest week at week 8 with 8:25 as written. A minimal amount of strength training is included in this program.


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
1:42 hrs 1:05 hrs
1:38 hrs 1:00 hrs
2:21 hrs 2:00 hrs
—— ——
0:25 hrs 0:40 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
1:42 hrs 1:05 hrs
1:38 hrs 1:00 hrs
2:21 hrs 2:00 hrs
—— ——
0:25 hrs 0:40 hrs

Training Load By Week

Marty Gaal, CSCS. Raleigh, NC area with 15 years full time coaching experience.

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Sample Day 1

1.2K - 4 x 100 low-mid Z2

WU: swim 1.3k:
6 x 50 easy on :20
4 x 50 drill choice on :20
MS: 2 x 100 on :20
1 x 200 on :40
1 x 300 moderate hard effort.
CD: 100 cooldown

Sample Day 1

45min w 5 x 2min Z3

ride 45 minutes:
20 min easy
5 x 2min Z3, 2min easy
5 min easy

Sample Day 2

30' easy, stride rate

run 30min easy-steady (Z1-2)
goal is to keep stride rate over 88/min, work towards this if you're not there.

Sample Day 3

30 min easy trainer

ride 30min easy on a spin bike, trainer, or easy course.

Sample Day 3

SM easy/moderate

WU: 5-10 minutes easy aerobic exercise
MS: Strength Maintenance (SM) strength phase
1-2 sets @ easy 15-20 reps, 1 set of moderate 6-10 reps, 2-3 minutes between sets:
Squats or leg press or lunges
Lat pulldowns
Seated rows or dips
The following continue with 2 sets of 15-20 light weight.
Bench press (alternate standard, incline, and decline among separate sessions)
Abdominal twists (machine or medicine ball)
Your personal weakness(es) among: hip machines, calf raises, hamstring curls, glute extension, quad extensions & core. Don't try to do all, just 1 or 2.
Optional cooldown 5 minutes spin low resistance

Sample Day 4

1.2K - 4 x 100 low-mid Z2

6 x 50 easy on :20
2 x 50 drill choice on :20
MS: 500 steady continuous
CD: 100 cooldown

Sample Day 5

LT test, 30' TT, avg HR?

BT: Run lactate threshold heart rate test. Warm up 10-15 minutes easy. Then run a 30 minute time trial on flat course/track. Punch HR monitor 'lap' button 10 minutes into Time Trial. Average heart rate for last 20 minutes predicts Lactate threshold heart rate (LTHR).
5 minute easy walk/jog as your cooldown.

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