Intermediate 10 Week Olympic Distance Triathlon


Marty Gaal

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10 Weeks

Typical Week

1 Day Off, 3 Bike, 1 Strength, 3 Swim, 4 Run

Longest Workout

1:10 hrs swim
3:00 hrs bike
1:15 hrs run

Plan Specs

triathlon olympic intermediate advanced hr based

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This program is for athletes with 1-2 years of triathlon experience or several years of single sport experience. The plan averages 10-11 hours per week with 1 recovery week at 6 hours, and tapers off towards the goal race. Training is based on heart rate and perceived exertion (RPE). Strength training is incorporated into the plan as well as basic adjustments for time or sport skill levels.


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 09:05
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 09:05
Average Weekly Breakdown

Marty Gaal, CSCS


Raleigh/Cary, NC area triathlon coaching specialists.

We offer personal coaching, online coaching and group training options for triathletes, runners and swimmers. All of our training programs are customized to your life and schedule. We provide feedback, support, encouragement, and stern warnings as need be along the way. Check us out at

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Sample Day 1

75' build to Z3

ride 1.25hr build effort:
30min easy
15min mid Z2
15min high Z2
5 min Z3-4
10 minutes easy

Sample Day 1


WU: 5 minutes easy aerobic exercise MS: 2 sets of 10-15 reps, light weight, 1-2 minutes rest between sets, Include: squats, deadlifts, leg press OR lunges (not all 4) Lat pulldowns or pull ups or dips Planks - front and sides (30 sec to 1 minute each) Knee extensions (quad extensions) Hip abduction Hip adduction Bench press (alternate standard, incline, and decline among separate sessions) Abdominal twists or swiss ball ab crunches (machine or medicine ball) Seated rows calf raises - alternate soleus focus (seated calf raises) & gastroc (standing calf raises) +personal rehab exercises CD: Optional cooldown 5 minutes spin low resistance

Sample Day 2

2.5k w 10 x 100 fast

600 easy
6 x 50 drills (1 arm, catchup, Powerstroke) on :10
4 x 50 kick on :10
10 x 100 Z4/5a on :30-45 rest, pull up to 5 of them
50 easy
300 steady pull low Z2
50 easy

Sample Day 2

60' w 5 x 3min Z4-5a

BT: run tempo/fartlek
20 minutes easy.
5 x 3 minutes Z3- Z4 (threshold) / 1:30 easy jog between each.
5 minutes easy.

Sample Day 3

75-90 w 40-50 high Z2

ride 1 hour 15 minutes
30min easy
40 min high Z2 to Z3
5 min easy

Sample Day 3

core routine

WU: 5 minute easy aerobic exercise: MS: repeat this circuit 2 or 3 times, rest 20-30 seconds between exercises. 10-12 standing squats or lunges 25-50 crunches or Russian twists or 10-15 V-situps plank front 30sec-1min 10-20 pushups calf raises toes forward 10-15 left plank 30 sec-1min right plank 30 sec-1min calf raises toes out 10-15 superman back or bird dog - opposite arm/leg- 30 sec to 1min 20-30 side crunches (both) calf raises toes in 10-15 5-10 pullups (assisted) or bench dips CD: optional 5 min easy aerobic

Sample Day 4

45' min w 15-20' AeT

run 40-50min:
20min easy
5min mid Z2
15-20min comfortable fast
5min easy

Intermediate 10 Week Olympic Distance Triathlon

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