Sprint/Olympic Tri for Intermediate with Consulting

Average Weekly Training Hours 07:30
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 07:30
Training Load By Week

This 12-Week training plan is designed for sprint/olympic distance triathletes looking to improve on overall race performance or complete their first triathlon. This training plan is a run based plan, it does include a walk/run option and is for athletes with some foundation in swim, bike, run or athletes with an endurance base in at lease one of the three disciplines. If your goal is to complete your first triathlon, improve your training efficiency (train smarter not longer), or set a new PR, this is the perfect plan for you. This plan provides consulting by email with USAT Coach Michael Cottle, CoachCottle@gmail.com, also bike/run lactate threshold and swim performance training pace testing. At the end of the plan you will have the fitness to complete your first sprint/olympic distance triathlon!

Sample Day 1
Fast Walk 45m

Fast Walk

Sample Day 2
ET Test

Before your start, calculate 80 percent of your heart rate (HR) reserve: (Maximum HR - resting HR) x 0.8 + resting HR = 80% of HR reserve. For example, if your maximum heart rate is 190 and your resting heart rate is 55, then 163 is 80 percent of your HR reserve: (190 - 55) x 0.8 + 55 = 163 TEST: Warm up thoroughly, with walking, running, a dynamic warm-up, and strides. Run at a steady warm-up pace until your HR reaces 80 percent of your HR reserve. When you reach this HR, start your watch or have a partner start timing. Run exactly 1.5 miles or 6 laps around the track at this HR, and note how long it takes you. As your base training weeks go by, you should be able to run faster at the same HR.

Sample Day 3
TriLifeUSA.com 1350m Swim WO 1h

W/U: 7:30 minute slow jog/run to DWU: mix into run 7:30 minute St1 3x :30 to 100 Meter Warm-Up 5x50 Meter Swim with :20 Rest 6x25 Meter Swim with :15 Kick on Wall between each 25 Meter 3x75 Meter Swim with fins with :30 Rest (25 kick on back, 25 easy swim, 25 fast swim) 3x100 Meter Pull with :30 Rest 3 stroke breath pattern 3x75 Meter with :30 Rest (freestyle swim) 100 Meter Cooldown

Sample Day 4
AeT 1 :45m

W/U: 5:00 walk Main Set: 3x 10:00 run (:30 WR) (WR = walk recovery) C/D: 5:00 walk For all AeT run/walk intervals, run at an easy "conversation pace," meaning you can talk comfortabley in full sentences without panting. The intention is to stress the leg muscles more than the heart and lungs. If training with a HR monitor, run with your heart rate below your aerobic threshold.

Sample Day 5
:45m Active Recovery Day Off

Rest day with optional active recovery :45 min walk

Sample Day 6
Brick Bike/Walk 1.50h

W/U= 5min spin
MainSet = 55min bike @ below your aerobic threshold
transition to fast walk for 25min
C/D= 5min slow walk.

Sample Day 7
AeT 2 :45m

W/U: 5:00 walk Main Set: 2x 15:00 run (:30 WR) (WR = walk recovery) C/D: 5:00 walk

Michael Cottle
Tri Life USA, Inc.

AS WE MEET - It quickly becomes very clear that I'm super focused on helping people through high quality professional service. I'm not just a coach, I'm a true life-coach. I believe there is a right way to train for life and fitness. It starts with having a clear goal, expert instruction, performing structured training and receiving immediate feedback throughout the process. If you possess Desire, Determination and Discipline then I would be honored to help. Results start here!