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12 week Olympic Triathlon Training Plan - Intermediate


Hypercat Racing, Rachel Sears Casanta

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12 Weeks

Plan Specs

triathlon olympic intermediate hr based

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Plan Description

Are you gunning to move up from the Sprint triathlon distance and take on an Olympic distance triathlon?

You've come to the right place!

This program will help the beginner or advance beginner triathlete train and prepare for an intermediate distance triathlon aka 'olympic' distance triathlon consisting of a 1.5k swim / 40km bike and 10k run.

Athletes using this Hypercat Racing training program to prepare for an Olympic distance triathlon should be in good health and cleared by their personal physician to engage in vigorous endurance training.

Your current fitness should be at a level equivalent of the benchmarks below:

-Able to swim 1600 yards/meters in a pool workout. -Able to bike 1.5 hrs.

-Able to run 45 minutes.

The plan is created for a balanced training approach in each of the three disciplines. 2-3 swim sessions per week (starting at 1200 yards in week #1) 3-4 run sessions per week (starting at 45 min long run in week #1) 3-4 bike sessions per week (starting at 1:15 min for long ride in week #1)
This 12 week training plan has a volume of training ranging from 5:30 to 9:45 hours per week.

Equipment required:
-swim: goggles
-bike: bike, helmet
-run: shoes, watch

Additional equipment suggested to get the most out of your training plan:
-heart rate monitor
-cycling computer with cadence function
-stationary trainer for indoor bike rides

Your Training plan purchase includes 15 page training plan reference guide. As a bonus you may post questions to the 12 week Olympic Distance Triathlon – Beginner / Advanced Beginner forum on TrainingPeaks. The forum is monitored weekly and is intended as a bonus feature, but not as a substitute for coaching should you desire such level of feedback, information and guideance. If the parameters of this training program.

You can also opt to purchase this program directly from Hypercat Racing at
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Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
2:09 hrs 1:25 hrs
3:17 hrs 2:30 hrs
1:40 hrs 1:00 hrs
—— ——
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
2:09 hrs 1:25 hrs
3:17 hrs 2:30 hrs
1:40 hrs 1:00 hrs
—— ——

Training Load By Week

Rachel Sears Casanta

Hypercat Racing

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Sample Day 1


W/U: 200 sw, 100 k, 100 sw, 100 ch
M/S: 5 x 100 easy, smooth :25 RI
C/D: 8 x 25 (Odds = dr, Evens = ch)
Total: 1,200

Sample Day 1


Flat to gently rolling course. Comfortable effort, Z2. Periodically check your run cadence. Aim for 21 (right foot) steps in 15 seconds.

Sample Day 2

Trainer or Road

W/U: 15 min easy, build to C90, Z2.

M/S: 5 x 2 min at higher cadence (focus on spinning your legs at about 10-15 RPMs faster) w/ 2 min easy RI.

C/D: 10 min easy spinning, Z1.

Sample Day 3


W/U: 4 x 100 as (2 sw / 2 ch ) :20 RI
M/S: 8 x 50 (Build in sets of 4, so that the 4 & 8th & are your fastest) :15 RI
Pull 300 easy (B-3, B-5 by 50)
C/D: 100 easy
Total: 1,200

Sample Day 3


Easy to moderate effort, Z2. Shoulder low & relaxed. Chin level, facial muscles relaxed.

Sample Day 4

Trainer or Road

W/U: 15 min build to Z2, C85-90

M/S: 4 x 3 min in a bigger gear, C80-85. Moderate effort, Z2-3. 2 min RI easy spinning after each.

C/D: 10 min easy spinning, C90+, Z1-2.

Sample Day 5


Easy, comfortable pace. Flat to rolling course. Keep effort to Z2 or less.

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