16 Week Olympic: Balanced Lifestyle w/Mobility and Dynamic Strength

Average Weekly Training Hours 06:59
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 06:59
Training Load By Week

This plan is designed for a beginner/intermediate triathlete ready to tackle the Olympic distance triathlon. The volume begins with one hour of running, 1000 yards of swimming and 90 minutes of riding. The plan also includes plyometric and mobility based strength trainin to help prevent injuries.

Sample Day 1
Mobility WOD

These mobility sessions will help you stay injury free and work on weak spots.

Sample Day 2
Cycling Intervals, 10x30"

10' @ 70%
5' alternating 20"@90%, 40" @ 75%
5'@ 80%

10x30" 100% (30" Recovery@75%between)
10' @80%

5-10' @70-80%

Sample Day 3
800 swim

WU: 3x100
MS: 8x50 on 30" rest
CD: 100 cool down

Sample Day 4
Long Run

Z1-Z2 only. Conversational pace, never out of breath unless on a hill.

Sample Day 5

100 warm up swim
4x25 kick (40"rest)
3x50 pull (20"rest)
2x100 swim (60"rest)
3x50 pull (40"rest)
4x25 kick (25"rest)
100 cool down

Sample Day 5
Plank Workout

90 second plank 15 sec rest 45-60 second side plank each side 30 sec rest 60-90 second plank on hands with opposite arm and leg off ground for 30-45 sec each side 15 sec rest 45-60 sec side plank lifting arm and leg to meet each other, 23-30 sec each side 15 sec rest 60-90 second plank on hands w/one knee up between elbows, hold 30-45 sec each side rest 15 sec 45-60 sec plank with upper hand on hip, dip hip to ground and back up 23-30 sec each side

Sample Day 6
Easy Run

Easy run on Z1-Z2 only. Relax, enjoy the scenery, ponder the universe.

Andrew Dollar
FTP Coaching

I am a USAT Level 2 coach with a focus in long course & ITU racing. I have coached over 300 different athletes ranging from the first time triathlete to the overall race winner. I host numerous training camps aimed at helping athletes improve at long course racing. I also volunteer with the SE High Performance Team, home to several national championship junior & youth elite athletes.