Olympic Distance: Rapid Training Plan to PR

Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 06:28

only have a short time to train up for an Olympic Distance Race? still want to see your time improve, reach a PR? This is the training plan for you! First week is threshold testing, followed by 8 weeks of training that includes all three disciplines plus stability, strength, stretching and guided foam rolling. All around preparation to reach your goals and not get injured!

Sample Day 1
FTP Pace test

the functional swimming threshold pace is a stand-in for the laboratory-determined swimming lactate threshold pace. This is a straightforward timed effort, where you swim as far as possible in 30minutes--after an easy warmup. Since the actual FTP is closer to the one-hour effort, take the value obtained for 30 minutes, multiply by two and subtract 2.5 percent (as most trained swimmers swim roughly 2.5 percent slower in a 60-minute maximal effort than in a 30-minute maximal effort). So, if you cover 1000 m in 30 minutes, your 60-minute FTP would be 1900 m/hr or 31.7 m/min. This may seem like a minor difference, but due to the resistive aspect of swimming, small differences can have a substantial impact.

Be sure to use the lap button so we get a clean reading of your heart rate and speed during the 30min test. Go to a pool that has a large enough lap clock so that you can see it while swimming to track your 30min--it might be difficult to see on your wrist under water.

We will take the result and add it to your profile so that your TSS is accurately calculated in future workouts.

Sample Day 1

Yoga class of your choice

Sample Day 4
FTP test Indoor cycling

Download the PDF attached

BEST done on a trainer or indoor spin bike with POWER (watts) sensor, speed and cadence sensors. Wear a HR monitor.

IF done outside--need POWER, speed and cadence sensors on bike. If you don't have the sensors and you do this outside, we can estimate your FTP, but it will be less accurate.

20 mins easy
3 x 1 min "wind up's" with a 1 min easy between (100 RPM pedal cadence)
5 mins easy spin

5 mins all out (hard at first, but not so hard that you can't complete the effort)
10 mins easy
20 mins TT effort (like the previous 5-minute all out effort, keep in control, hard but steady, you don't want to over cook it and die at the end) You should be able to breathe the whole time, but you will feel an uncomfortable burn in your glutes and legs. You should keep asking yourself if you could 1% more and still sustain for the 20min, if so, put in the 1% more! Push right to the upper limits of challenging sustainable.

15 mins easy spin

Sample Day 5
20min Core


can be done anywhere, no equipment required

Sample Day 6
Run HR test

Looking to establish your threshold HR and pace for running-- after a 10min warm up, run at a consistent 7 out of 10 Rate of Perceived Effort (RPE) for 30min. Be sure to use your lap button to get a clean read on the 30min test, don't worry about distance. We will use the results to set your zones

Sample Day 8
Foam rolling video


a full 25min guided foam rolling session! enjoy!

Sample Day 8
Indoor class 50min