Triathlon Olympic Distance: 12 week for Improvers, (4 h to 9 h per week)

Average Weekly Training Hours 06:49
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 06:49
Training Load By Week

Developed for the age group triathlete with limited time, but who want to improve their performance on the Olympic distance. This plan is aimed at a triathlete who wants to improve his time at the Olympic Triathlon or who is making his first Olympic Triathlon. A good basis for swimming, cycling and running is an advantage. The training plan volume is between 5 and 8 hours per week and is organized in a 3-week macro cycle; every 3rd week is a recovery week. The weekly schedule usually includes 2 swimming sessions, 3 cycling sessions and 3 running sessions. In addition to the extensive swimming, cycling and running sessions, one or two strength/condition sessions per week are recommended.

Sample Day 1
Continuous swim

WU: 10 minutes alternating slow-fast pacing. Include different strokes
while warming up.

MS: 30-minute steady swim. Swim without stopping. Count your strokes on the first 25 of each 100. Check they are staying constant?

CD: 5 minutes very easy. Choice of strokes

Total: 45 minutes

Sample Day 2
Strides, 4-5, relax

40 minutes steady with 4-5 strides

Strides are 20 to 30s of fast relaxed running every 3/4 minutes. Maintain stride length rather than increase it, and work on as high cadence (stride rate) - cadence should be 90+ (ie right or left foot contacts the ground 90 times per minute.

Sample Day 3
Trainer or road--dominant leg

75 minutes steady ride with 15-20 mins of pedalling drill: 1 leg does 90% of the work until fatigue. Then the other takes over.

Sample Day 4
Aerobic ints

WU:100 swim easy, 50 kick easy, 100 swim moderate, 50 kick steady, 100 swim build speed, 50 kick build speed.

MS: For the first set decrease times with each interval. All steady —easy breathing.
4 x 100 (10s rest).
Rest 2 minutes.
Kick 300 steady.
6 x 25 relaxed speed (15s rest).

CD: 200 easy swim.
Total: 1500

Sample Day 5
Tempo intervals

'Tempo intervals'. On a flat road or turbo trainer. Warm up for 15-20 minutes. Then do 4-5 x 6 minutes at 'tempo' effort (2-3 minute easy riding as recovery). 'Tempo' is a 'comfortably hard' effort.

Sample Day 5
Steady run

50 mins steady run

Sample Day 6
Easy run

10 mins easy run straight after the bike