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10 Week Beginner Olympic Training Plan


Tiffany Woods

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10 Weeks

Plan Specs

triathlon olympic beginner multi day

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Plan Description

This 10-week easy-to-follow training plan was designed specifically for beginner/novice triathletes training for an Olympic distance triathlon. A base level of fitness is recommended, however not required. It is recommended that athletes can swim 100-200 yards or meters prior to training, as well as having basic biking/running skills.

Each week, athletes will be given 4-6 days of structured workouts to develop skills and comfort in swimming, cycling and running. Throughout the training plan, an optional day of cross-training is offered, or this can be used as a recovery day.

Week 4 and 7 are lower in volume, as these weeks are meant as recovery weeks so that your body can adjust and recover from the training. Week 10 is called taper week, as you will reduce the workout volume and intensity so that you arrive at race day feeling fresh and energized.

If you are strong in a particular discipline, you can add to the volume and intensity of those workouts based upon your current fitness level and training.

Participants of the plan can email the plan creator, Tiffany Woods at Multisport Performance Coaching, to ask questions relevant to the plan. Thank you for choosing this training plan for your event and we wish you the best of luck!


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
1:14 hrs 1:10 hrs
2,195m 1,920m
1:47 hrs 1:45 hrs
—— ——
0:16 hrs 0:30 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
1:14 hrs 1:10 hrs
2,195m 1,920m
1:47 hrs 1:45 hrs
—— ——
0:16 hrs 0:30 hrs

Training Load By Week

Tiffany Woods

Multisport Performance Coaching

Tiffany has been a triathlete since 2008 and coaching athletes since 2016; her greatest passion is helping athletes achieve their highest level of success through communication, planning, and implementation. She specializes in developing plans for beginner-intermediate athletes sprint, Olympic, 70.3 and full Ironman distance races. Your family, career, and lifestyle are important, and Tiffany will help you achieve your goals by giving you a plan that fits in the everyday context of your life.

Sample Day 1

Swim: Technique, 200 yds endurance

You will need: goggles, swimsuit. Optional gear: swim cap, ear plugs/nose plugs if preferred, kick board

*The average pool is 25 yards or 25 meters.

Before you start: push off the wall to work on streamline 4 times, stop when out of breath and walk back. (see notes below in pre-activity section for more info).

4 x 50 yards (or m) freestyle --all very easy with breaks after each length of the pool.

2 x 25 yards catch drill *see notes below
50 freestyle
2 x 25 yards kick (focus on initiating kick from hips rather than knees, use kick board if available)
50 freestyle

200 yards continuous steady paced. Try not to stop at the walls!

8 x 25 yards alternating each length between fast and easy

2 x 50 yards very slow and easy.

Sample Day 1


Run 10 minutes after swimming, easy and relaxed pace. Take walk breaks if needed.

Sample Day 2

Recovery Day, Cross-train, Cardio, Strength or Yoga

You can take today off, or do 20-30 minutes of cardio (such as elliptical, mountain biking, easy bike or run), strength or yoga.

Sample Day 3

Bike-easy pace

You will need: a road/hybrid/mountain/triathlon bike, helmet, sunglasses, bicycle cleats or running sneakers.

Before you start: pump your tires to the recommended PSI (listed on tire), make sure your brakes and gear are functioning, and that the bike is in good working order (a bike shop can help you if needed).

Try to find a flat road or course to bike on.

Ride outside (or inside on trainer or gym bike if the weather is poor) for 45 minutes easy, comfortably and steady paced. You should feel comfortable the entire time with the ability to hold a conversation. If you're feeling good and strong, add in 4-5 30 second speed sprints throughout! Cool down with an easier effort for last 10 minutes.

Sample Day 5

Steady Run + Core

Prior to workout: walk and warm up properly with light aerobic activity (walking, jumping jacks, knee lifts, skipping, etc.)

Then: run for 20 minutes, steady and easy paced. Take walk breaks if needed.

Cool down: Walk after and stretch! Add about 5 minutes of core work (planks, crunches, etc.)

Sample Day 6

Brick Ride

Bike for 45 minutes outside, flatter course if possible today. Warm up with an easy effort for first 10 minutes. Focus on smooth pedaling throughout and efficient gearing as you go up and down the hills. Cool down: pick up the cadence (the speed of your feet, also known as Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) for the last 5 minutes)--this will help your brick run!

Sample Day 6

Brick Run

Quickly get ready for your brick run by taking off helmet/changing into running shoes/racking bike on car or at home/putting on hat or visor/etc. Tip: you can start your run while putting on your hat while starting your run as you would on race day (on race day, you can put on hat and race belt while running to save time in transition)! Run for 10 minutes focusing on good form. Walk after to cool down and stretch!

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