8 week Advanced Triathlon plan (Olympic distance)

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8 week Advanced Triathlon plan (Olympic distance)


Rhian Roxburgh


8 Weeks

Typical Week

3 Swim, 3 Bike, 1 Other, 3 Run, 1 Day Off

Longest Workout

1:10 hrs swim
2:59 hrs bike
1:30 hrs run

Plan Specs

triathlon olympic advanced multi day hr based tss based

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This plan is designed for the advanced athlete who have completed the base phase in their training. They want to sharpen up for an Olympic distance triathlon. The plan consists of three swims, bikes and runs per week as well as brick sessions in the run up to the event. On average, it has 10 hours of training per week, some being less and some being more. It follows a 4 week cycle where the fourth week is a recovery or taper week. Strength and Conditioning can be added to the plan for an additional charge, please email Rhian on coach@triroxtraining.co.uk


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 08:37
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 08:37
Average Weekly Breakdown

Sample Day 1

Advanced swim Session 1: Endurance Technique

300m freestyle easy B3
200m fins: alternate 25m kick on side 25m freestyle
200m fins: alternate 25m 6-3-6 25m freestyle
200m pull buoy and paddles B3
200m freestyle 25m fast B5 25m easy B3
4 x 50m torpedo push off and kick until fully exhaled, finish length freestyle

2 x 500 moderate freestyle +15secs rest (shouldn't feel too exhausted, should feel comfortable and able to go again - time yourself)

CD: 200m easy choice

Sample Day 1

High cadence 1 (Advanced)

5mins easy, 5mins steady, 5 x(1mins HC (100rpm +), 1mins easy)

1min @85rpm, 1@90rpm, 1@95rpm, 1@100rpm, 1@110rpm, 1@85rpm, 1@120rpm, 1@85rpm, 1@110rpm, 1@100rpm, 1@95rpm, 1@90rpm, 8mins easy

Sample Day 2

interval session

WU: 10mins easy, 5mins steady, 4x30secs strides, 30secs rest or jog

MS: 4mins, 2x3mins, 1x2 mins, 4x1mins, @ 10-5km pace (effort RPE 8-9/ zone 4) have half the rest 
(the effort will be dependent on how much you have done previous to starting this plan, if you haven't done any interval sessions, build into the pace)

17mins easy cool down

stretching + eat/ drink something high in protein within 20mins after

Sample Day 3

Advanced Swim session 2: (CSS test)

W/UP: 300 easy freestyle
200 fins: alternate 25m ­6-1-6/ 25m free
200 pull buoy and paddles B3
100 pull buoy 2 x (1/2 length scull #1 + 1/2 length doggy paddle + 25m freestyle)

Build: 4x50m Freestyle (25 fast + 25 easy) +15secs

2- 4 x100 freestyle (+20s) (these 100m are for you to get the pacing right, aim for your CSS pace on each, think about how it feels so you can get it right on the TT)

MS: 400 time trial
take enough time to ensure you are fully recovered before doing the 200m. This is active recovery, so easy swimming, pull if it feels easier, do different strokes and drills if you want. You can get out of water and do some stretching too! approximately 8mins

200 time trial

CD: 100m easy

(adapted from Swimsmooth)

Sample Day 4

Turbo: hard and harder intervals (advanced)

WU: 10mins warm up as 5mins easy,
5mins build cadence every minute 90-125

MS: 4x(5mins Hard (Z4), 1mins harder (Z4-5), 1 easy),

CD: 5 mins cool down

Sample Day 6

Endurance run

Z2 running. Aim to keep a consistent effort throughout even when going up hills RPE 6

Sample Day 6

Advanced swim session 3: Endurance

WU: 400m freestyle, 300m pull, 200m drills: fins kick on side (alternate sides each 25m), 100m pull: as 12.5m scull + 12.5m doggy paddle+ 25m free)

MS: 5x200m swim steady(CSS pace +3secs per 100m) +15secs rest

8x50m as 1-4 = 25m fast, 25m easy +20secs
5-8 descending (so each 50m is getting faster)+20secs rest

CD: 200m easy

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