Block 1 plus 3 session taper.

Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 00:00

A 10 Session Programme including a 3 session taper into competition.

RPE based with personal timed rest intervals

Free access links to drill videos (youtube) for ideas and tips.

Roughly 3k per session.

Sample Day 1
Session 1 strong Efficiency with 50m spikes.

Main Set, 2 rounds of 5 x 150M working hard aerobic first 100 into fast last 50M. Second set with fins. Controlled ramp swimdown.

Sample Day 3
session 2 Threshold

warm up 2 rounds 4 x 100s warm up. Round 2 with fins and paddles.

Main Set
3 rounds 5 x 100m threshold pace/best holding pace/best average.

Sample Day 5
Session 3 Lactate Tolerance

Main set lactate tolerance. 2 rounds of 9 x 50m
3 reps with 2 mins rest, 3 reps with 1 minute rest 3 reps with 50 rest. 2nd round of 9 x 50M with fins.

Sample Day 8
Session 4 Back End

Main set working for Back end of each swim fast. think "clear the pack for a clean exit"

Sample Day 10
Session 5 Drill/Skill into Race Pace 50's

Drills and skills, see drill list below, into Race Pace 50's thinking race feel, race tactics and some race specific breathing.

Sample Day 12
Session 6 Lactate Tolerance

Lactate Tolerance is all about getting out and hanging on. these reps are in 3 blocks, first block with lots of rest. will probably feel great and be fast. 2nd set should drop off but we fight to not allow them to. last 3 reps is hang onto whatever you have left! do not worry about times, this is totally judged by effort and the "burn". its not nice, it wont be pretty, but it works!

Sample Day 15
Session 7 Heart Rate Progressions

High Heart rate set. ensure some spikes in efforts in warm up and sub set to maximise opportunity for high heart rate ranges in main set. main 5 x 100 progressive, then 3 x 100, 3 x 75 and 3 x 50. repeated twice, fins optional on second round.

Lee Holland
9 Beat Swimming Coaching

With over 20 years experience in swimming coaching, and a further 10 years competing at GB international level, Head Coach Lee Holland has coached athletes from adult improvers to World Championship Tri and Ironman Competitors. Having been Head Coach at 3 Commonwealth Games, and achieved over 50 Medals at GB National and International level, Lee's CV boasts World, European and British Record holders and a unique training system many consider a break from the "Norm".