Intermediate Olympic Tri. 12 Weeks ( Run Pace and Bike Power 7:15-10 hrs/wk).


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12 Weeks

Typical Week

2 Swim, 1 Strength, 1 Other, 1 Day Off, 3 Bike, 3 Run

Longest Workout

1:10 hrs swim
2:20 hrs bike
1:03 hrs run

Plan Specs

triathlon olympic intermediate power based pace based strength

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This plan is designed to get you in peak shape for your target "A" race at Olympic Distance, although you can include other events too. There are 2 swims, 2-3 cycles, 2-3 runs and a strength workout per week. There's a day off each week and every fourth week is easier. Brick workouts and open water swims are included. To be successful with this plan you should have at least 12-months experience of frequent triathlon training. Guidance is provided for Heart Rate, Feel, Power or Pace. You can start this plan any Monday.


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 07:41
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 07:41
Average Weekly Breakdown

Bolivar Gonzalez


we help amateur athletes to exceed their goals, while ensuring that they have quality time available for their family, friends and career. The training plans are intelligently designed around a typical work week. Proven and efficient mid-week training sessions are established, with longer aerobic workouts on weekends.

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Sample Day 1

Fitness Test: Critical Swim Speed (CSS)

This test helps you to measure fitness and create accurate training zones.

Warm up:
6 x (50FC in Z2 + 20 sec recoveries).
4 x (25FC in Z4 + 25FC in Z2) + 20 sec recovery.

1 x 400FC maximal effort time trial, record time.
5 mins easy active recovery
1 x 200FC maximal effort time trial, record time.

Main Set:
4 x (50 BUILD +15 sec recoveries)
1 minute rest,
200 FC in Z4,
1 minute rest,
4 x (50 BUILD +15 sec recoveries).

Warm Down:
200m Choice

*If you use yards, do this test in yards. If you use meters, do this test in meters.

**BUILD = Do each rep faster than the previous one in that set. So start off at an appropriate pace!

Sample Day 1

Strength & Conditioning Workout

Please click on the link below for your guide to the strength and conditioning workouts. Strength and Conditioning will help maintain your muscle mass and these specific exercises are designed to improve the economy of your triathlon performance.

Sample Day 3

Fitness Test: FTP and Threshold HR

This fitness test helps you to set your power or heart rate thresholds for Training Peaks.

Warm Up:
12 mins in Z2,
5 x (15 secs in Z4 + 45 secs easy in Z2).

Main Set:
20 mins maximal steady state time trial. Go as hard as you can sustain for 20-minutes.

Warm Down:
5 mins in Z2.

Note: Alternatively, if you have a bike training device with its own "FTP" test protocol, you could use that instead.

TIP: Have a fan and/or air conditioning, so that heat stress is not a limiting factor for this test.

Sample Day 4

Fitness Test: Threshold Pace and HR

This fitness test helps you to set your pace and heart rate training zones and thresholds for Training Peaks. 

Warm Up: 
5 mins in Z2 (easy/steady),
4 x (30 secs accelerating from Z2 to Z4 + 30 secs recoveries in Z1).

Main Set: 
Run for 30 mins at the fastest pace you can maintain for the duration. Record your average pace and ideally average heart rate too. 

Warm Down:
5 mins in Z1 to Z2 (easy).

Sample Day 5

Bike Torque Session (optional)

Think of this like a bike-specific gym strength workout. It will increase cycling related leg-strength (torque) which will help you get more power out of each pedal stroke. Do them on your race-day bike position if possible.

Warm Up:
10 mins in Z2, normal cadence.

Main Set:
13 mins all in a big gear @ 60 rpm in Z3 + 2 mins easy spin recovery in Z2,
11 mins all in a big gear @ 60 rpm in Z3 + 2 mins easy spin recovery in Z2,
9 mins all in a big gear @ 60 rpm in Z3 + 2 mins easy spin recovery in Z2,

Warm Down:
5 mins in Z2, normal cadence.

Sample Day 5

Pool Swim, Endurance

These sessions will be done at lower intensities. The goal is to build your swim endurance and feel for the water. Follow the distance guidelines below and don't worry about the time for now. The guide to abbreviations is in the PDF attached to Day 1. See attached technique drill guidelines (side kick and front scull)

Warm Up:
100FC in Zone 2 + 15secs rest.

5x100 with fins if possible (+10secs rests) as:
Rep 1. 25 Side Kick L, 25 Side Kick R, 50FC
Rep 2. FC breathe every 5
Rep 3. 25 Front Scull/25FC
Rep 4. 25 Side Kick L, 25 Side Kick R, 50FC.
Rep 5. FC breathe every 5

Main Set:
All in low Zone 4.
4x100 +10secs rest,
2x200 +20secs rest,
2x300 +40secs rest.

Warm Down
200 as (FC/PULL/BACK/BREAST). All in Zone 2.

Sample Day 6

Endurance Ride With Sub Threshold Sections

These longer bike sessions are mostly done at an easy/steady Z2 effort, but there is a main set of long efforts at just below your threshold pace. These will help increase your threshold power without leaving you feeling excessively tired afterwards.

Ride in Z2 today. Then at some point (once you're warmed up) include:
4 x (10 mins in upper Z3 to low Z4 + 3 min recoveries in Z2).

Intermediate Olympic Tri. 12 Weeks ( Run Pace and Bike Power 7:15-10 hrs/wk).

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