Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon: (12 weeks, 9-14 hours/Week)

Average Weekly Training Hours 12:00
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 12:00
Training Load By Week

Let's Get Started

This plan was based on my experiences racing and preparing for triathlon racing and the lessons I have learned along the way. We will teach you a smart approach to continuous improvement.

This is a Training Plan for athletes who have previous racing/training experience and whom are proficient in all 3 disciplines.

It is designed where you can insert races into the schedule at various points by simple removing the training sessions for that week and inserting the 'race week' workouts from the week of your 'A' event.

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Swim Terms- A Basic Guide:



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Sample Day 1

Aerobic base work
800 @ 75 s/25 k

16 x 50 free with 10-15 sec rest...moderate, sustainable effort

1 x 100/200/300/300/200/100 pull with 15 sec rest @ steady, sustainable pace

Sample Day 1

This is a easy ride just to get our body moving.
30 minute easy build warm up.
10 x 1 minutes where you alternate between easy and moderately hard; about a 7 out of 10 in perceived exertion.
10 minute easy cruise to cool down.

Sample Day 2

This is just saddle time. If you can find some long, steady hills...go climb. Nothing too strenuous, nothing out of the saddle. We are just getting our body used to a routine and consistency of riding.

Sample Day 2

30 minutes of easy cruise. Nothing too hard. Just build your effort throughout the run but never above a 6/10.

Sample Day 3

Moderate effort ride. Just time in the saddle.

Sample Day 4

Build from z1 to z3 by 25 minutes and hold for remainder.

Sample Day 8
TEST SET- 300's

500 choice
400 as 50 kick / 50 swim
4 x 50, build each 50. R=:20
Test Set;
3 x 300 at fastest sustainable paceĀ 
r=3 minutes
500 easy fins and paddles

How to Calculate your swim paces:

Calculate your FTS(Functional Threshold Speed) FTS = Average 100 time for all 3 rounds.

Set your base pace:
- Base pace = 115% of FTS = (1.15)*FTS

Set your pace zones:
EZ: 115% FTS / Base pace
z1- 110% FTS
z2- 107% FTS
z3- 100% FTS
z4- 93% FTS
z5- 90% FTS

Andy Potts
Andy Potts Racing

I want to leave the sport better than I started with it-
I have spent my entire life training, racing and trying out new ways to get better. A lot of people helped me along the way and I want to help others by sharing my experiences and providing everyone with the best opportunity to be their best.

Join me and find your new potential.