PERFORMANCE Olympic and Sprint triathlon base plan (Block 3 of 12)

Average Weekly Training Hours 12:01
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 12:01
Training Load By Week

Block 3 has a huge aerobic focus. Get stuck into this training plan for some big aerobic fitness boosts. This will set you up nicely for the race season but also allow some harder training in the coming blocks.

Each week consists of;
- 3 Bike sessions
- 3 Run sessions
- 3 Swim sessions
- 1 Brick session
- 2 S&C sessions

With the programme you will also receive a guide with our training philosophy and a list of how to calculate what zones you should be working in. Get in touch if you have any questions and check us out on social media.

Sample Day 1
Aerobic run 50 minutes main set

10mins Drills, plyos and activation
50mins as R1
5-10mins Hip, hamstring and quad flexibility

Sample Day 5
Core and upper

3 x 15 secs heel flicks
3 x 15 secs hamstring sweeps
3 x 15 secs double leg hops
3 x 15 secs knee hugs/glute stretches
3 x 15 secs walking lunge

s/l Calf balance - 2 x 30 secs
s/l glute stand with swinging passive leg x 2 x 30 secs
Press up position with single-arm row x 60 secs

Back raise x 45 secs
Oblique Sit-ups x 45 secs
Superman x 8 (20 secs for each rep)

4 x 15 secs hopping

Bent over weighted reverse fly x 10
Romanian Deadlift x 15
Partner Plank (partner presses on back) 2 x 60 secs
Three position press-up (wide, middle, narrow) x 12
Single-leg squat x 8 (16 in total)
Weighted Deadbug L-arm x 6
Weighted Deadbug R-arm x 6
x 3


Sample Day 8
Easy aerobic session

10mins single leg drills

5mins C2
5mins C3
5mins C2 - 65rpm
5mins C3 - 65rpm
5mins C2 - 110rpm
5mins C3 - 110rpm
20mins C2
5mins - C1

Sample Day 8
Aerobic run with some accelerations at R5a

10 mins Drills, plyos and activation

30 mins as R1, 6 x 50 acceleration runs at R5a

5-10 mins Hip, hamstring and quad flexibility

Sample Day 10
Aerobic endurance 5-6 x 500

5-6 x 500m on FTP+8 (60 RI)

5 mins shoulder and spine flexibility work

Sample Day 10
Tempo fitness

Bike: 15 mins Build C1-C3 while decreasing cadence

Bike: 30 mins C3 as: 5 mins OG, 5 mins normal cadence
Run: 20-30 mins R2
Bike: 5 mins C1

10 mins flexibility

Sample Day 11
Aerobic / Tempo main set

5 mins glute activation before run
5 mins drills before run

5 mins R1
25-35 mins R2
5 mins R1

10 mins flexibility

Joel Enoch
Hartree JETS Performance Triathlon Team

The purpose of Hartree JETS Online is to allow us to support more athletes than we can accommodate for at our sessions. This also works in favour of athletes who live further afield or those who feel that they don’t need the 121 support provided by attending the daily squad sessions.