PERFORMANCE Olympic and Sprint triathlon base plan (Block 3 of 12)


Joel Enoch - Triathlon Scotland Age Group Coach of the year, Founder of Hartree JETS

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4 Weeks

Typical Week

3 Bike, 3 Run, 3 Swim, 2 Strength, 1 Brick, 1 Day Off

Longest Workout

1:00 hrs swim
2:45 hrs bike
1:15 hrs run

Plan Specs

triathlon olympic intermediate advanced time goal power based hr based tss based base period

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Block 3 has a huge aerobic focus. Get stuck into this training plan for some big aerobic fitness boosts. This will set you up nicely for the race season but also allow some harder training in the coming blocks.

Each week consists of;
- 3 Bike sessions
- 3 Run sessions
- 3 Swim sessions
- 1 Brick session
- 2 S&C sessions

With the programme you will also be able to download a guide with our training philosophy and a list of how to calculate what zones you should be working in. Get in touch if you have any questions and check us out on social media.

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Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 12:01
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 12:01
Average Weekly Breakdown

Joel Enoch

Hartree JETS Performance Triathlon Team

The purpose of Hartree JETS Online is to allow us to support more athletes than we can accommodate for at our sessions. This also works in favour of athletes who live further afield or those who feel that they don’t need the 121 support provided by attending the daily squad sessions.

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Sample Day 1

Bike FTP testing

10mins EZ pedaling,
5 mins as 30 secs high cadence hard, 30 secs EZ x 5

5 mins C2

5 mins at 95% of max effort

10 mins C1

20 min Max

c/d: 5-10 mins EZ

Sample Day 1

Aerobic run 50 minutes main set

10mins Drills, plyos and activation
50mins as R1
5-10mins Hip, hamstring and quad flexibility

Sample Day 2

Strength and Conditioning (Block 3)

Squat to stand with toe hold x 10
Overhead lunge walk x 10
On back hip rotation (knees side-to-side) x 10
Thumb up/down shoulder rotation drill (chest flys with one arm starting with thumbs up and finishing thumbs down and the other arm performing the opposite) 2 x 10

Lumberjack squat (squat while moving straight arms from overhead to downward position) x 8
Plank Walk-outs/walk-ins x 45 secs
Slow squat to high knee/fire-hydrant raise x 10
t-Fly with band ( x 15
Arabesque with opposite arm to floor x 8
x 2

Plank with opposite arm/leg lift and hold - 60 secs
Skydiver x 10
Side Plank Crunch x 15
Flutter kick - 2 x 40 sec

To be completed in a a rolling circuit style with moderately paced movements and no rest between exercises.
Lunge to glute kick (R/L)
Press-up x 25
Eccentric Let-down x 10
Double leg calf raise x 30
Tricep press-up x 15
Lying side to side twist with weight x 10
x 2-3

10 mins focused on hip and glute flexibility

Some Exercises found here:

Sample Day 2

Aerobic capacity, Technique

1200m (continuous or with little breaks to ensure quality) as:
100m steady
25m side kick
25m 616
25m Long dog
25m 636
x 6

8 x 25m FTP pace (no faster - 20RI)


600m Fins and paddles slow

Sample Day 3

HIIT / Aerobic Development

Bike: 10 mins build R1-C2
Run: 10 mins R1 (with nose breathing only)

Bike: 15 mins C2
Run: 15 mins as: 5 mins R1, 5 mins R2, 5 mins R1

Bike: 15 mins as: 3 mins C2, 3 mins C3, 3 mins C2 OG, 3 mins C3, 3 mins C2 OG
Run: 15 mins R1 (as: 60 secs faster cadence, 60 secs slower cad - don't chance pace)

Bike: 5 mins C1

Sample Day 3

Aerobic / Pacing

50m Skull Drill #1 (5RI)
50m Skull Drill #2 (5RI)
50m Skull Drill #3 (5RI)
50m Skull Long dog (20RI)
x 2

150m build to 90% on moderate cadence (use beeper if you have one)

25m pull EZ (note time - 20 secs)
50m pull EZ (double time of 25m rep - 20 secs)
100m pull EZ (double time of 50m rep - 20 secs)
200m pull EZ (double time of 100m rep - 20 secs)
x 3
400 swim - very EZ with relaxed shoulders

5 mins shoulder and spine flexibility work

Sample Day 4

Aerobic ride

An easy ride to continue to add to your base.

PERFORMANCE Olympic and Sprint triathlon base plan (Block 3 of 12)

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