Olympic Distance Triathlon Training Plan (Customized)


Richard Laidlow

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13 Weeks

Typical Week

1 Other, 2 Swim, 2 Run, 1 Brick, 2 Bike

Longest Workout

1:30 hrs swim
3:00 hrs bike
1:30 hrs run

Plan Specs

triathlon olympic

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This is a fully Idividualized Olympic Distance Triathlon Training Plan individualy designed for your to achieve your Triathlon Goals no matter what level of athletes you are. Following our coaches analysis of your triathlete questionnaire (this will be e mailed through to you or you will find it on the attached plan description) your customized plan will be designed by Richard Laidlow an experienced and qualified coach, if you have any questions he can be contacted at richard@sancture-sportifs.com.
This triathlon training plan is for all level of athletes as it is individualy customized to fit into your lifestyle, level and ability but it assumes that the participant can accomplish the following. Complete 1000m of swimming using any stroke without stopping. 60 minutes of cycling without stopping and a easy 45-minute jog without stopping.


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 08:32
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 08:32
Average Weekly Breakdown

Richard Laidlow


Triathlon is my main expertise, but increasingly I am coaching Duathlete's, Cyclists and Runners.

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Sample Day 1

Triathlete Questionnare

Recieve the triathletes questionnare, please fill the questionnare in with as much information as possible.Once you have finshed the questionnare please e-mail it to me at richard@sancture-sportifs.com

Sample Day 3

Phone call from your coach

Richard will call you at a time that suits you (please email Richard with a number of days and times that would suit you).

Sample Day 8


w/u: 4x100m easy swim rest 15 sec
10x100m as: 4 are swum EASY (20sec rest)
Every 5th 100m effort ALL OUT (20sec rest)
c/d: 2x100m easy (with paddle/pb)

Sample Day 8


5 mins w/u
20 mins Moderate run, focus on a cadence of 90 spm+.
5mins c/d

Sample Day 9


20min easy w/u
5 X power stomps
[1min hard at maximum resistance
with 1min VERY EASY recovery]
Make each effort ALL OUT against VERY HIGH resistance! you can’t push any harder because the resistance is so high!
We are aiming for wobbly legs
10 mins easy spin c/d
10 mins easy as soon as you have finished your bike session focus on a stride of 90spm

Sample Day 10


600 oc w/up
4x50m single arm 25m each arm rest 15 sec
Focus on gliding for 0.5sec before pulling
3x250m Cr increase speed each 50m rest 20 sec
4x50m cr as 25m easy, 25m all out ( on the all out aim to get 30% of your speed from your legs) rest 10
300 c/d not cr

Sample Day 10

Easy Bike

45 mins easy ride on the stationary trainer or road

Olympic Distance Triathlon Training Plan (Customized)

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