12 Weeks to your First Olympic Distance


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12 Weeks

Typical Week

3 Swim, 3 Bike, 1 Day Off, 3 Run

Longest Workout

1:15 hrs swim
1:55 hrs bike
1:00 hrs run

Plan Specs

triathlon olympic intermediate advanced hr based

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This is our 12 weeks to your first olympic distance triathlon training plan, using the heart rate for all workout intensities. This whole programme is designed with athletes who have completed shorter distances previously, so you may have done your first sprint and want to move up a distance or you might have taken some time out and want to return to triathlon. If this is the case then this plan is for you. You will need to be able to currently swim for 45 minutes, cycle for 60 minutes and run for 60 minutes before starting the programme. If you are not quite there yet why not try one of our other plans which will build you up to the required fitness level to start this programme. This plan works to a 2 week build and 1 week recovery with a planned rest day on a Tuesday of every week to allow for a good recovery and to encourage your development. YOU MUST HAVE A HEART RATE MONITOR FOR THIS PLAN


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 07:55
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 07:55
Average Weekly Breakdown

Chris Wallace

The Triathlon Coaching Company

Chris has many years coaching and teaching experience, is focused on developing athletes to reach their potential. He is passionate about helping others to succeed and understands the needs of the working athlete along with the worries and stresses that all athletes go through, beginners and advanced athletes alike. He has worked with athletes of various levels from total beginners all the way up to Age Group World Championship Qualifiers.

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Sample Day 1

First Olympic Swim 1

Warm Up:

100 easy f/c+10
100 fins alternate torpedo kick to f/c each length +10
100 kick on side (25 L then 25 full, 25 R then 25 full to finish) +10
100 pull buoy focus on breathing (Bubble Bubble Breathe)+30

Main Set:
100 fins KOS L only +15
100 f/c easy focus on breathing every 3 +15
100 fins KOS R only +15
100 f/c easy focus on breathing every 3 +15
100 fins alternate 6-1-6 then full stroke +15
100 f/c easy to finish +30

Cool down:
200m choice

Sample Day 1

2x3 min ramp session

This session is all about getting used to hitting a target power, heart rate or RPE so you are ready for the up coming sessions. Try to maintain a balanced effort for each increase in intensity.

Sample Day 3

First Olympic Swim 2

WU: 100 swim 100 pull for form 100 swim easy 100 kick. MS: 3 x 100 on 2.20 4 x 50 kick easy 3 x 100 holding pace on 2.20 CD:  4 x 50 kick easy 100 pull 100 choice

Sample Day 3

Z2 40 with drills

This session is about getting time on your feet and developing a strong understanding of how drills fit in to your training. the drills selected in this session address the common issues that most newer runners have.

Low Skips - These encourage the basic mechanics of the propulsive phase and hip extension which allow you to run more freely and gain a longer stride.


High Knee Walking - This drill develops stability through activating a wide range of muscles and ligaments which is vital when starting out running to ensure you are aware of the muscles you are using and allow them time to 'switch on'


High Knee Progression - This drill moves the high knee walking drill closer to true run form, with the calf raise closer to the take off point of the propulsive phase. It also promotes calf activation and strength.


Sample Day 4

LTHR/PWR Test Bike

Make sure you are fully hydrated and ready to go hard. Make sure you pace this as well as you can, think 5 min blocks and assess how hard you are working at each interval, adjust intensity accordingly.

Sample Day 5

First Olympic Swim 3


200 easy freestyle

2x100 fins ↑ 6/3/6 ↓ freestyle (+10s) 
2x50 freestyle building to fast (+10s)

10x50 on 60 secs as 1-5 25 easy 25 hard
6-10 build per 25


15x100 +20


200 Choice

Sample Day 5

45 min 8x20 strides

12 Weeks to your First Olympic Distance

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