2 x week basic swim plan

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2 x week basic swim plan


Dan Holmes

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12 Weeks

Typical Week

1 Other, 2 Swim

Longest Workout

1:20 hrs swim

Plan Specs

triathlon olympic beginner intermediate

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A 12 week plan to include basic speed, endurance and open water drills.
The format of the sessions is as follows:

Week 1 = test week. Its for you to know and understand your current level, and know what speed you should be performing some of the intervals at.

Then the focus is on the following:

Weeks 2 - 6: Session 1 = basic drills; Session 2 = CSS swim speed development
Weeks 7 - 11: Session 1 = endurance development; Session 2 = Open water specific drills
Week 12 - Retest week

Some of the drills may require you to use a kick board, pull buoy and some hand paddles

Perhaps have a look at whats in the plan, and see if you understand the structure of the sessions. It might be worth printing out the sessions and putting them in a zip lock, along with an explanation of the drills, which will be attached in some of the workouts.


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 01:25

Dan Holmes

Profile PT

My areas of expertise are in Cycling power training, running program prescription and functional strength programming. My goal is to make you swim, bike and run smarter and faster!

Sample Day 1

Autumn / Winter Swim Set 1 - Back into the swing!

OK, so the most important thing to take note of here is that you just get to the pool, and get some relaxed, steady swimming banked. Don;t worry about technical intervals, fast pace, or swimming to the clock. Today is just about clocking some swim volume. Lets hold the technical stuff until next week after the test!! Then we fine tune the different aspects of your stroke!

Sample Day 3

CSS Test

Your Critical Swim Speed ("CSS") is a measure of your current fitness level and is something I use throughout the my coaching system to set your swimming training intensities accurately.

Time the total 400, and the first 100m split. This is really important!!
Take a rest, then again for the 200.

However, be warned, a poorly paced 400 Time Trial - even though it wants to be a max effort - will result in an erroneous CSS result. Pacing is important even over this distance!

Pull Buoy

Sample Day 8

Autumn / Winter Swim Set 2 - Positioning

NOTES This week we are keeping the reps long, the pace controlled and the focus on your body position.

Sample Day 10

CSS 100m reps

AIM Time to really hone that speed! Where CSS is specifically at your target 1500m race pace, this session gets you working at a pace just above, at, and just below your CSS. ************************************************************ WU 400m f/s, where: 50m BP 3 50m BP 4 50m BP 2 50m BP 5 Repeat x 2 ************************************************************ BUILD KICK SET 4 x 50m (with kick board) with 1 min rest in between. Focus on powerful kicking from the hip ************************************************************ MAIN 15 x 100m where: 1-5 @ CSS + 2 5-10 @ CSS 10-15 @ CSS -2 20 secs rest inbetween each rep, 1 min rest off each block of 5. ************************************************************ CD 200m recovery stroke

Sample Day 15

Autumn / Winter Swim Set 3: 2 x (400, 200,100)

NOTES The focus this week is on getting a good feel for the water, using some of the catch and pull drills.

Sample Day 17

CSS 200m Reps off 30 rest

Working at CSS pace for 200m.
50 breathe on 1 on lft
50 breathe on 1 on rt
100 breathe on 3
50 breathe on 4 on lft
50 breathe on 4 on rt
25 breathe on 1 into 25 breathe on 5 x 2
100m using Kick Board
100m Pull Buoy
6 x 200 @ CSS
30 secs rest in between
200m easy f/s

Sample Day 22

Autumn / Winter Swim Set 4: Pull Buoy & Paddle 2's

NOTES The focus this week is on alternating faster 200's at your known CSS with some controlled efforts with pul buoy and paddles. Focus on your body position, with long strokes, using the paddles through their full range of motion.

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