NOVICE Olympic Distance. HR, Feel, Power or Pace. Saturday Race. 16 Week. Re-usable.

Average Weekly Training Hours 05:38
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 05:38
Training Load By Week

Designed for Novice triathletes, this plan will gradually build your speed, endurance and confidence for your target Olympic or International distance triathlon event.

"The plan I used to train for my second Olympic this summer was amazing. It made a HUGE difference both mentally and physically. Not only was I faster but I enjoyed the training more." Grace Nalani, Sept 2015.


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Minimal requirements are that you can already swim 1200m with rests, cycle for 70 minutes and run 30 minutes, not on the same day. You can start this plan any Monday or simply set it to end on your race day. This version is for people who's target race is a Saturday. There are normally seven workouts per week, consisting of 2 swims, 2 cycles, 2 runs and a strength workout. There's a day off each week and every fourth week has a lower training volume to boost recovery. 

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Phil Mosley. Coaching Editor of Triathlon Plus Magazine: Full Coach Biography


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Sample Day 1
Pool Swim

These swims will start with short efforts and rest periods. The distances will progress over time. There are swim drills to follow (see paper click icon). Don't worry about the training zones too much this week, just focus on doing the distances if you can.

Warm Up:
4x100FC in Zone 2 as (50DRILL*/50FC) +15secs rests.

Main Set:
300PULL in Zone 4 +45secs rest,
200FC in Zone 4 +30secs rest,
100KICK in Zone 4 +15secs rest.

Warm Down
All in Zone 2:
100 as (50BACK, 50BREAST) +15secs rest,
100FC in Zone 2 as (50DRILL*/50FC)

Sample Day 2
Zone 2 Aerobic Endurance Run

A nice steady jog at an easy pace. Preferably on hills and/or trails. Do some walking intervals if you need to in order to stay in Zone 2.

Sample Day 3
Strength & Conditioning Workout

Please click on the link below for your guide to the strength and conditioning workouts.

Sample Day 3
Pool Swim, Aerobic Endurance

Don't worry if these swim workouts take you more or less time than we've suggested - it doesn't matter.

Warm Up:
100PULL in Zone 2 +15secs rest,
4x50 as (25DRILL/25FC) +10secs rests.

2x200FC as...
(150 in Zone 2, 50 in Zone 4, 50 in Zone 2) 
+30secs rests.

-- 60secs bonus rest --

3x100PULL as (50 in Zone 2, 25 in Zone 4, 25 in Zone 2) +15secs rests.

Warm Down:
200 easy mixed strokes in Zone 2

Sample Day 4
Cycle Speed Session

These bike sessions are relatively short and sharp, so they're ideal for a mid-week indoor trainer workout. Don't worry too much about your exact intensity during the Main Set right now, just make sure it's harder than the Warm up and Warm down. 

Warm Up:
15mins in Zone 2.

Main Set:
2x9mins in Zone 4 +2mins recoveries in Zone 2.

Warm Down:
5mins in Zone 2.

Sample Day 6
Aerobic Endurance Bike Workout

This is an aerobic endurance workout, so it's not supposed to feel hard. Training in Zone 2 stimulates mitochondrial growth and function - which improves your ability to utilize fat as a fuel. This increases your endurance. 

Warm Up:
10mins in Zone 2.
5mins as (20 secs in Zone 3, 40 secs in low Zone 2)

5 x 8 minutes s at the top end of your Zone 2 power, with 60 secs rests in low Zone 2.

Warm Down
10 minutes in low Zone 2

Sample Day 7
Speed Skill Run

These sessions feature short, faster paced efforts with rests. They are designed to improve your top-end running speed. Don't worry about how long this session takes you. The "30 minutes" duration is just a rough guide.

Warm Up:
10 mins in Zone 2.
Main Set:
7x200m in upper Zone 4 to low Zone 5.
With 30 second recoveries.
Warm Down:
5 minutes jog in Zone 2.

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