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Hilly Course Olympic 12 week Intermediate to Advanced plan


Becky Black

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12 Weeks

Plan Specs

triathlon olympic intermediate advanced pace based tss based

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Plan Description

12 Week intermediate, hilly course program. Athlete should have a CTL of at least 45 prior to starting this program. Race week CTL will be between 70-80, average TSS will be approximately 600, starting around 500, peaking at 800. Depending on individual ability, you will start out at approximately 7 hours of training and increase you to ~ 12 hours at your 2 peak weeks before your week taper. The program includes TSS and IF goals for those using power, HR, and pace metrics for their training. The program also includes baseline, 6 and 11 week field tests.

Ideal athlete would be someone who is using power on the bike and good at using HR and pace on the run. Program incorporates indoor and outdoor training, speed work, hill repeats, open water swims and more.

Times and estimated paces listed in workouts may not be accurate for every athlete. Focus on achieving the TSS and appropriate intensities as the priorities, times and paces are secondary.


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
3:28 hrs 2:08 hrs
2:49 hrs 1:30 hrs
1:17 hrs 1:00 hrs
—— ——
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
3:28 hrs 2:08 hrs
2:49 hrs 1:30 hrs
1:17 hrs 1:00 hrs
—— ——

Training Load By Week

Becky Black

Coach Becky Black

Becky Black specializes in coaching beginner and intermediate level
triathletes and runners serious about getting to the next level.
She is an expert in gait & swim analysis for athletes who are injured or seeking to enhance their training by improving their skills.

Sample Day 1

60 min Hilly Z2/3

Ride can be done inside on trainer for more control and accuracy in intensity or outside. If outside, pick a route that has some rolling hills.

Workout for outside is modified below:

Warm up
5 min soft pedal
6 x 30 hard: 90 easy - use either hills or increase in gearing/cadence to achieve desired affect
main ride - rolling hills - should not bee too aggressive. keep RPM above 70 on up hills & gear into a fast down hill. Try to keep intensity in high Z2.
Cooldown 5 mins easy pedaling

Total time 62 mins

Sample Day 2

3 x 300 Swim Threshold Test

Threshold test is 3 x 300 on your fastest average pace with :30 rest.

Fastest AVERAGE pace is key here. Each 100 split should be within 2-4 seconds of each other. And each 300 should be within +/-5 seconds of each other. It is imperative you do not go too hard but your pace should be slightly faster than threshold as you're distance is not very long here.

Take the average of all three 300's and minus 5 seconds for your threshold pace.

Set your threshold pace in Training Peaks zones in order to accurately caculate your TSS for workouts.

Sample Day 3

5k Time Trial

5k Time Trial to set threshold pace, power, & Heart Rate. If you have a HR monitor and running power meter make sure to wear it along with your GPS or time based watch. Don't forget to set your zones in TP using the data from this run

Ideally this is completed on a track (12.5 laps = 5k) feel free to change directions half way to even out legs

Dynamic Warm Up: 5 min total
30 Sec of each

Twisted lunges
Over & Unders (hurdle drill)
Gate openers
High knee walk
High knee skips
Power skips
Straight leg bounds

1 mile easy run
Follow by 5 min rest and dynamic stretch
5 k time trial (make sure to hit the lap button on your watch to start and stop the 5k)
.5 mile jog
.5 mile walk

Sample Day 4

Recovery Walk

Sample Day 5


FTP Test to determine threshold power and Heart Rate (if you're doing heart rate only you need to do a 30 min test- see below for details)

THe FTP first 25 minutes are warm up. It is important you don't miss the warm up or it's likely you will under perform. You should do this solo on an indoor trianer or spin bike.
Make sure to hit the LAP BUTTON at the start and end of the 20 min. Ideally you'd have HR, power, and cadence all recording.

- you'll do a 30 min test instead of 20 minute. This is because there is a delayed response to HR. You'll start the test and at the 10 minute mark hit the lap button and take the average HR for the last 20 minutes only.

Don't forget to put your Threshold into the Zone calculator under your profile to get accurate TSS and IF scores.

Sample Day 6

90 min Z1/2 Ride

Base builder Z1/2 endurance ride outside on a flat to gently rolling course

First 5-10 min soft pedal
Build intensity to Z3 for 5 minutes
Rest of the ride should be mostly Z2 with a little Z1 and 3 mixed in.

Cooldown: soft pedal last 5 minutes
Stretch out for a few minutes after
focusing on the lower back and shoulders

Sample Day 6

1500 yd Pace Set

Swim should take place before bike

Preferably this would be done in open water.

no more than :30 rest set between sets.

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