Olympic Triathlon Build phase 12 weeks


Nick de Meyer British Triathlon Federation level 3 Coach, Training Bible Master endurance coach

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12 Weeks

Typical Week

2 Bike, 1 Brick, 2 Run, 1 Day Off, 3 Swim

Longest Workout

1:20 hrs swim
2:30 hrs bike
1:20 hrs run

Plan Specs

triathlon olympic

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This build phase training plan is prepared to provide you with improved strength of your major muscle groups used in triathlon, it will involve more force and muscular endurance sessions, and is a time for eliminating muscle imbalances. This will follow a 4 week cycle of easy, medium, hard and recovery weeks based on hourly volume, with a progresssive reliance on carbohydrate as a fuel, moving into zone 3 tempo workouts during the course of the plan

You might be a beginning triathlete or maybe you have a couple of races under your belt from previous seasons. In either case you are fit and are NOT a beginning athlete. Before beginning Week 1 of the plan you are capable of riding a bike 30 to 60 minutes two days a week and completing a long ride around two hours on a third day. You can swim 100 yards (or meters) nonstop and swimming for 30 minutes a couple of times per week is easy. You can run two days per week, one 30-minute run and a longer run of 45 minutes.

Weekly training hours range from 5:15 to a maximum between 8:15 and 11:00. There is some flexibility built into the plan to accommodate individual differences. For example there is no time posted for the swim workouts. Obviously there can be big differences in swimming abilities between people with a competitive swim background and those just getting into swimming. Some of the run and bike workouts also have ranges built into the workouts.


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 07:58
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 07:58
Average Weekly Breakdown

Nick de Meyer

Sound Coaching

Nick has been a Level 3 British Triathlon Coach for 10 years, and has been a master endurance coach with Training Bible Coaching UK in that time. He is also a Training Peaks Level 1 Coach, and was formerly a Regional Development Coach for the South East region for British Triathlon.

Alongside his online coaching business, Nick also runs Speedy Swimming which specialise in 1-2-1 front crawl technique lessons, endless pool swim video analysis, swim clinics and group swim sessions

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Sample Day 1

AE ints, long, TT, hill/hwind

BT: On a 2% hill or into a headwind, do 4-5 x 3 minutes to the heart rate 5b zone (3-minute recoveries) on your time trial set-up. 90-105 rpm. Smooth pedaling. Long, easy cool down.

Sample Day 2

Tri T1 & T2 practice

Transitions. Practice swim to bike and bike to run. Review stall set-up, wetsuit off, helmet on, shoe changes, etc. Focus on rehearsing the transition you have the most trouble with.

Sample Day 3

Hills, heart rate zones 1-4.

BT: Heart rate in zone 1-4 on hilly course. A few seconds with heart rate in zone 5 is OK. Don''t force heart rate up--allow it to rise with hills.

Sample Day 4


BT: Criss-cross threshold. Flat course. Warm-up and then ride 20 minutes in heart rate 4-5a zones. Criss-cross from low 4 to high 5a zone every 1-2 minutes. 85-100 rpm.

Sample Day 6

No zone 3 or above.

Heart rate zone 1-2 on gently rolling course. NO zone 3. Walk hills, if necessary, to hold heart rate down.

Sample Day 7

Easy ride

Ride in 1-2 zone, mostly 1 zone. Flat course. Low effort--light on pedals. Comfortably high rpm.

Sample Day 8

AE ints, long, TT, hill/hwind

BT: On a 2% hill or into a headwind, do 4-5 x 3 minutes to the heart rate 5b zone (3-minute recoveries) on your time trial set-up. 90-105 rpm. Smooth pedaling. Long, easy cool down.

Olympic Triathlon Build phase 12 weeks

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