12 Week Olympic Distance Level 3 (Advanced) Plan

Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 10:04

This plan targets the advanced athlete looking to excel at the Olympic distance level. The athlete should possess plenty of racing experience and a fundamental understanding of zone/power/pace training.

The plan begins with over 9 hours of weekly training. Nearly each week consists of 3 swims, 3 bikes and 5 runs. The plan is built around strong, intense workouts so the athlete should bring a strong aerobic base into the program. The program peaks at 11.5 hours with the majority of that week dealing with race specific speed.

Sample Day 1
Set Your Intentions

Write down (here or on a piece of paper) one thing you can do this week to reach each of your goals.
Example: If my goals are to PR at my next race, lose 10 pounds in 3 months, and learn more about nutrition, I might write down the following for this week:
hit 100% of my workouts
log my food daily
read 3 articles on nutrition or read one book

Sample Day 1
Base #B01-2.0k

Warm Up: 300 easy Drill: 8x50’s, Odds: 25 fist drill/25 swim Evens: 25 finger tip drill/25 swim Main: 8x75’s as 50 easy, 25 build, 15" rest 2x200 moderate 4x50 as 25hard/25 easy, 20" rest Cool Down: 100

Sample Day 2
Easy Run

Nice, conversational level pace. Nothing hard, this should rejuvenate you a bit.

Sample Day 2
Anaerobic Intervals, 20x30"

10' @ 70% 5' alternating 20" @ 95-100%, 40" @ 65-75% 5' @ 80% MS: 20x30" @ 115-120% (30" Rest@ 65%) 5' @ 75-80% CD: 5-10' @ 65%

Sample Day 3
Swim 2.5k (1k TT)

WU: 2 x 200, 300 pull, DS: 4 x 50 (25 drill/ 25 swim), 3 x 100 building speed from easy to hard by 25s. 20" rest MS: 1x1000 for time. Pace yourself. Don't go out too hard. CD: 300 easy pull

Sample Day 3
10k Speed Block #1

1 mile warmup with 4x15" strides 16 x 400m @ 10k pace. Rest 30-45" 1 mile cool down @ easy pace.

Sample Day 4
Core Workout #1

Perform each exercise for 45-60 seconds. Repeat 2x. As you progess work up to 60-90" per exercise. 1. Forearm Plank 2. Bridge with extension--hold bridge position and extend one leg at a time 3. Side plank 4. Bird dog 5. Flutter kicks

Andrew Dollar
FTP Coaching

I am a USAT Level 2 coach with a focus in long course & ITU racing. I have coached over 300 different athletes ranging from the first time triathlete to the overall race winner. I host numerous training camps aimed at helping athletes improve at long course racing. I also volunteer with the SE High Performance Team, home to several national championship junior & youth elite athletes.