Zero to IRONMAN 8-20hrs/week beginner

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Zero to IRONMAN 8-20hrs/week beginner


Mike Bridge

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32 Weeks

Typical Week

2 Run, 2 Swim, 2 Bike, 1 Brick

Longest Workout

1:45 hrs swim
6:00 hrs bike
3:00 hrs run

Plan Specs

triathlon ironman beginner

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This 32 week plan designed for those who need to build aerobic capacity from a low base level. The length of the plan gives time to progress from a low weekly volume (8hrs) to a maximum of 20hrs. The long lead in means that the maximum volume weeks can be sustained for longer allowing a greater build up of aerobic capacity and muscular endurance.
This makes the plan ideal for beginners who are still keen to put in a sub 13hr time for their 1st event.

The plan uses a mix of RPE and heart rate to measure the intensity of effort but does not require any particular equipment.
The program develops in 4 week blocks with every 4th week being an unloading week. There is repetition of session in each 4 week block so that the athlete can easily remember the sessions, easily monitor progress and gain valuable nuero-muscular adaptation that come with repeating sessions.

The program does not include any gym or specific resistance work in order to allow more time to develop discipline specific adaptations and aerobic capacity. Sessions are included in each discipline to specifically develop muscular strength and power. In particular the high volume of low cadence work on the bike set.


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 11:24
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 11:24
Average Weekly Breakdown

Mike Bridge


Swimming technique improvement, Triathlon racing and skills, training program design

We provide a range of un-coached and comprehensive coaching options ranging from £30-£80 per month.

Sample Day 1

building 1000s 3000m new

This is a swim endurance set so keep early reps comfortable as finishing strongly is important.
If you cannot complete 3000 in 1hr do same sets but with 750m or extend time allowed.

Sample Day 2

10X600M v02 MAX

The aim of this set is to push up aerobic capacity and improve %of vo2 max at which threshold occurs. This means working at 90%HR so expect to see it climb. It may not come down much on recoveries. It is important to keep your vV02 pace (2.34 for these reps).
We are running really fast so pick a well lit area.

Sample Day 3

Prep threshold set z2

A simple swim set completed at around threshold pace. The aim here is to build swim specific endurance.

Sample Day 4

5X4MINS@ZONE3/4 update

10m @z2 rising to zone 3 4x 1 min spin up@high z3 1min Ri easy spin 5x4mins @z3-4 3min easy pedal Ri 5 min easy pedal w/down

Sample Day 4

aerobic end. Z2

The aim here is to build aerobic and muscular endurance whilst limiting ling term fatigue. The effort metric is given in RPE .because your heart rate may well remain high after the bike effort and be an unreliable indicator of effort. If you can talk and eat, then that is about the correct effort level.

Sample Day 5

low cadnence z2

A set to help improve pedal efficiency whilst building strength. However ,the effort levels should not lead to large amounts residual fatigue.

Sample Day 7

Aerobic end. at z2

This should be an easy ride with the aim of developing aerobic endurance whilst limiting post exercise fatigue. You should be able to eat or talk all the way through the effort.

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