TPS 12 Week Ironman Plan - Advanced

Average Weekly Training Hours 13:11
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 13:11
Training Load By Week

This is a tough program for advanced athletes that have a few years of training behind them. You need to start this program having trained @ 10-12hrs a week. You should be able to swim 3km, cycle 120km and run 19km.
The HR Zones are based off Joe Friels Running and Cycling HR zones or you can use FTP or run pace.
It is best to get tested to determine these zones or you can do Joe Friels field tests: A 30min bike or run TT, get the peak 20min HR average to be used as your lactate threshold.
Strength workouts have not been included in the plan. It is highly recommended you do a strength and core program - it should be more maintenance based rather than trying to increase strength. You could do these on Tuesday and Friday (Thursday when day off on Friday). Again you should be going into this plan having done an extensive strength training program.
It is important to listen to your body, if you feel sick or extremely fatigued you should take a day or two off and do not try to make up lost training sessions, rather ease back into the program.
The swim sessions are progressive and work off threshold pace or if you use CSS(Critical Swim Speed) pace this can be applied as well. If you swim with a swim squad that is fine and certainly better to help you push yourself a bit more. Make sure the coach is aware of the race you are aiming for and when to taper and recover.

Sample Day -78
10x45sec Run Intervals

15min easy to steady warm up.
6x20sec build strides/40sec easy
Main set:
10x45sec fast/45sec easy jog recovery
Remainder of the run easy for warm down.

Sample Day -76

30km easy to steady warm up
Main set:
6x3km @ 115% of FTP or Z5 power. HR can go up to Z5 LTHR but no higher
2km easy to steady recovery
Remainder of the ride easy

Sample Day -72
Cycle - Power 2(5x30sec/5min @ tempo)

25min warm up
5min working up to Z3HR/tempo for the last
1min easy
Main Set:
5x30sec max - 90sec easy
2min easy @ Z1HR
5min @ Z3-4HR
2min easy
5x30sec max - 90sec easy
2min easy
5min @ Z3-4HR
Remainder of the ride easy for warm down to make up @75min

Sample Day -69
Run off the bike

6km steady run off the bike @ Z2HR
Build the last 20min to a high Z2 to low Z3HR effort or what feels like tempo. It should feel like an half Ironman effort.

Sample Day -55

3hrs 15min or 100km easy to steady. Don't push this ride if tired. Shorten if you feel you need to.

Sample Day -20

170km easy to steady, work on spending a fair amount of time in your bars and try to use similar terrain to what you will be riding on race day. Work on nutrition and hydration. You could also practise this ride with race wheels and your exact race set up for race day

Sample Day -13
Cycle - Race pace effort

10min as build warm up
4x30sec build efforts/30sec easy
2min easy spin
Main set:
5x8km @ 80-90% FTP, Z3HR with 2km easy recovery @ 55% FTP - Z1HR

Remainder of the ride easy to steady to make up 120km

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