Ironman 20 weeks, Advanced, by Power, Pace, HR and RPE

Average Weekly Training Hours 13:34
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 13:34
Training Load By Week

Ironman Advanced

Author: Mike Ricci, USA Triathlon Coach of the Year and Level 3 Elite Coach
Length: 20 Weeks
Time: 271 hours

Requirements: This program should be used for an athlete whose goal is to race a 140.6 Ironman Triathlon by HR, Power and or RPE and should be used by an athlete who has: 1. A very strong base of 4-6 months of consistent training. 2. A strong swim or run background. 3. They have trained for at least 10-12 hours per week. You should be able to swim at least 2,000 yards. You should be able to bike at least 2 hours and be able to run three times per week with at least one of the runs being 60 minutes. The schedule consists of 3-4 workouts per week in each sport, 1-2 days of strength training and core work too. The maximum volume is around 14-20 hours pretty consistently and some of the easier weeks are around 9 hours.
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During the training plan, there is testing every few weeks throughout the program to test your fitness level so you can re-adjust your HR Zones if you train with a HRM. If you don’t train with a HRM, that’s fine as the tests are still good training and you can measure improvement based on time.

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Sample Day 1
Ladder down

WU: 6 x 50 done as 25 drill of choice, 25 building speed.


500 at T-pace (50” RI).

5 x 25 fast (20” RI).

400 at T-pace (40” RI).

4 x 25 fast (20” RI).

300 at T-pace (30” RI).

3 x 25 fast (20” RI).

200 at T-pace (20” RI).

2 x 25 fast (20” RI).

100 at T-pace.

CD: 200 easy kicks and swims of your choice.

Sample Day 1
Run Form - strides-skips

Run 40' - Warm up for at least 10' before the first stride. Run 8x30 left foot strikes - time should be between 19-21". In between each stride you will skip 40 times back to the start - take short rest and repeat. Cool-down with at least 5' easy jog (Zone 1, RPE 5, E Pace).

Sample Day 2
Bike Strength: Strength - 90 min

90' ride on a hilly course. Push the uphills and recover on the downhills. HR on the uphills can hit low Z4. Keep HR in Zone 1-2 otherwise.

Sample Day 2
New Weight Training Program

After 5-10' minute aerobic warm up: 3 Warm up Exercises: 1. 3 way lunges (front, side, rear) 2. Macarena's 3. Squat Rows Main Set: 1. Lat Pull Down 2. Pushups on Ball or feet on ball 3. 1 leg squat (Bulgarian Lunge) 2nd Main Set: 1. Dumbell Press 2. Cable Cross 3. W's 4. Doubles

Sample Day 3
Ironman Test set

Warm up: 200 building speed each 50 (slow-mod-faster-fastest). 30 RI.
MS: 5 x 400 (10 sec recoveries) building speed on each 100 (slow-mod-faster-fastest). Recover 10 seconds after last one. Then swim a 500 time trial. All out. Your average 100 pace for this is your T-time for future workouts.
CD: 100 ez

Sample Day 4
5x4' @ LT

10' wu, 10' cd. 4' hard (at LT, Z4, RPE 8, 90IF), 2' easy (zone 2, RPE 6, 70IF). Do this 5x.

Sample Day 4
Strength: 5x800s - 55 min

10' wu, 10' cd. You are going to run 5x 800 at Zone 3 (RPE 7, M Pace). Your recovery is equal to your work time. 3' work time equals 3' recovery time.

Michael Ricci

The key to achieving your goal is having a plan! D3 Multisport founder and head coach Mike Ricci uses his collective 25+ years of coaching experience to help each individual athlete be successful - at any level. His passion for the sport and wisdom gained from coaching thousands of athletes all go into the design of his training plans. Let the D3 coaching team take the guesswork out of your training and guide you with pre-built training plans, customized plans, or 1-to-1 coaching.