FTP goal power 11 week bike

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FTP goal power 11 week bike


Stuart Moore

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11 Weeks

Typical Week

6 Bike, 1 Other, 3 Run

Longest Workout

1:30 hrs bike
1:00 hrs run

Plan Specs

triathlon ironman beginner intermediate advanced power based

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Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 08:26
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 08:26
Average Weekly Breakdown

Stuart Moore

possibiliTTy race team

recently mentored under Brett Sutton.
i coach for a global race team called "possibiliTTy race team" we cater to all levels from beginner through to kona qualifier.
I utilise training peaks online software and am able to deliver training to beginners with no devices through to monitoring heart rate variability on a daily basis. I have a cert 4 in strength and conditioning also and utilise a large local gym when needed in Yarraville, Victoria.
teaching adults how to swim is a specialty.

Sample Day 1

FTP test

bike test for power
10 min easy
then 8 min build build from 50% ftp to 100% ftp in 2 min steps.
2 min easy
time trial for 20 min at your hardest effort that you can sustain for the full 20 min.
10 min easy.

build into this effort, start conservative and finish stronger than you start, 20 min is a long time if you're pushing to hard.

your legs will have a burn and you'll be breathing hard. try to keep your cadence at 65-75rpm, if your legs get rubbery, you start to slow down,or your cadence drops then you are going to hard.


Sample Day 2

easy z1

30-45 min easy recovery
Z1 hr or PZ1 at 50-60 rpm only

Sample Day 3

9x 1'/3'

2 min easy
4 x 30sec spin ups to 100rpm, 30 sec rest
4 x 30sec surges to FTP at own rpm, 30 sec rests
9 x 1min at 130% FTP, 70rpm (3 min easy)
5-10 min cool down

Sample Day 4

swim, bike or run


1. running (30-45 min)
all running during this 12 week block will need to be easy, if you try to do any hard running during this period then you'll instantly notice a drop in your bike performance.
remember, this block of work is to increase bike power and maintain running economy.

2. bike recovery (30-60 min)
easy zone 1, 50-60rpm only.

3. swimming (30 min)
an ideal time to work on technique and keep a little zip in your training, something like waltons 25's is perfect.
all with pull buoy, paddles optional
16 x 25s steady, every 4th hard
12 x 25s steady, every 3rd hard
8 x 25s steady, every 2nd hard
4 X 25s all hard
200 easy, no paddles.
 rest is as required so that every 25 is done at a high quality, really work on discovering your rhythm

Sample Day 5

3x 10'/3'

5-10 mins easy with some surges to FTP thrown in
Main Set:
3 x (10min 80% FTP/ 3 min easy). Effort to be done in a Big Gear. Cadence should be between 60 and 70.

Run off the Bike as Cool Down:
20-30 min easy recovery

Sample Day 5

Z1 loosener after bike

20-30min z1 jog cool down.
(a triathlon specific cool down)

Sample Day 6

Saturday or sunday

5 min easy spin
4x 30" high cadence (30"rest)
1 min easy
4x 30" surges to FTP at own rpm (30"rest)
1 min easy
main set
10 min at 100-105% of FTP
5 min easy
5 x (1 min of best effort, 2 min easy)
5 min easy cool down.

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