TBC/ Ironman Finisher in 20 wks - ONLY 5 days/wk Training - Saturday Race VANCE

Average Weekly Training Hours 12:51
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 12:51
Training Load By Week

This is a 20-week plan which assumes athletes can currently complete a 40 minute run, 2 hour bike ride, and are confident they can make the swim cut-off with minimal swim training, (3 swims per week). The plan consists of only 5 days of workouts per week, set-up as every Monday and Friday completely off from training. Long runs are on Wednesdays, with Saturday and Sunday normally used for bigger bike days. There is also one bike workout per week to be completed on a bike trainer.

Training weeks start at 7.5 hours, and get as high as one week of 17 hours. The average is 12-14 hours of training per week, with an Ironman race to be completed on a Saturday.

This plan takes a balanced approached to training and preparation, understanding the bike and run will be the two biggest factors in your race performance. Some may find that certain sports do not get trained enough, but key factors to performing well have been considered when designing this plan. The plan is great for athletes with a HR monitor, designed with this in mind, but also those without.

The plan follows a Linear Periodization model which will stress athletes, with recovery periods to allow for proper recovery and adaptation. If athletes follow the workouts as listed and suggested, they will see the benefit of performing at your peak for the Ironman! If athletes modify the plan, and do not follow the guidelines of the daily workouts, the results may vary.

Sample Day 2
LT test, 30' TT, avg HR?

BT: Warm up for 15 mins. Then run a 30 minute time trial on flat course/track. Punch HR monitor 'lap' button 10 minutes into Time Trial. Average heart rate for last 20 minutes predicts Lactate threshold heart rate (LTHR). Enter this value in your settings in TrainingPeaks, to calculate your HR zones. Cool down walk for 10 mins easy.

Sample Day 3
Zone 1-2, check cadence

Heart rate in zones 1-2 on a gently rolling course. Check cadence: count left foot strikes 15 seconds. Goal is 22 or higher.

Sample Day 3
Continuous swim

WU: 5 minutes alternating slow-fast pacing. Play with different strokes
while warming up.
MS: 20-minute steady swim. Swim without stopping. Count your strokes on the first 25 of each 100. Are they staying constant?
CD: 5 minutes very easy. Choice of strokes or floating on your back and sculling.
Total: 30 minutes

Sample Day 4
Trainer: isolated leg training 42 min

5 min ez
5 min alternating :30 standing, :30 siting
6 min seated, alternating 80% workload between 1 min left leg and 1 min right leg

MS: 7x3 min Z1-2/RPE 10-12/CP 180
Alternating 1 min left leg, 1 min both, 1 min right leg.

CD: 5 min ez

Tip: maintain 85 rpm throughout.

Sample Day 4
Aerobic ints

WU: 100 swim easy, 50 kick easy, 100 swim moderate, 50 kick moderate, 100 swim build speed, 50 kick build speed.
MS: For the first set decrease times with each work interval. All aerobic—easy breathing.
4 x 100 (10”) moderate.
CD: 100-200 easy swim.
Total: 950-1050

Sample Day 6
Rolling hills seated

Ride primarily at 1-2 zones on a rolling course. Mostly in saddle on hills to build & maintain hip strength. Small and big chain rings.

Sample Day 6
Transition Run - Easy 15 mins

Transition run off the bike for 15 mins easy.