16 Week Beginner/Intermediate Ironman Plan

Average Weekly Training Hours 15:01
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 15:01
Training Load By Week

This is for athletes doing there first or second Ironman who have had three or more years of consistent triathlon training. It is also recommended that the athletes have completed two or more Half Ironmans!

Sample Day 0
CP30, speed

BT: Long warm-up. Then ride a 30 minute time trial all out. Race effort. Use a flat, out and back course. Afterwards, record your average heart rate. Also record distance covered or average speed.

Sample Day 1

200 swim.
100 kick.
6 x 100 done as 25 kick, 25 R arm, 25 L arm, 25 swim.
8 x 100 (20”) moderate, alternating 100 paddles and 100 fins.
300 kick moderate.
CD: 200 easy swim.
Total: 2200

Sample Day 1
No zone 3 or above.

incl. 8 x 1:10 @ fast; 3:00 ri

Sample Day 2
Force Reps

BT: Only SR! On flat road or on a trainer. for intervals only! Use the big chain ring and a gear that allows only about 50-60 rpm. While in the saddle drive the pedals down as hard as possible for 15-20 revolutions of the cranks. Do 6-10 of these starting a new one every 3-5 minutes after warming up. Heart rate is not observed.

Sample Day 2
Masters, shorten, aerobic

Masters. Cut this swim short. Form is the primary focus. Do not go anaerobic.

Sample Day 4
Long ride + 15' run

Ride 3:30 on a rolling course in the heart rate 1-2 zones. Then transition to a 15' run in the heart rate 1-2 zones on a flat course. Pay close attention to your breathing on run. This is your best clue as to how hard you are running--not your legs.

Sample Day 5
B90' + R60' hills

BT: Bike 45:00 --with heart rate in 1-2 zones. Then quickly transition to a 1:10 run in heart rate 1-2 zones

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