12 Weeks to your Best Ironman Performance

Average Weekly Training Hours 19:28
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 19:28
Training Load By Week

This is a 12 week program designed by the coaches at Balance Point Racing. This is a training program that will build you from about 13 hrs per week, to 24 hrs per week in the final prep phase of the program. No matter which Iron distance you are training for, this program will prepare you for your best performance ever.

Sample Day 1
Recovery Spin

Keep HR in AR zone

Sample Day 2
Bike 30km/Run 7km

Bike: 30km holding comfortable HR, cadence normal, flat terrain if possible maintaining aero position
Run: 7km at comfortable talking pace, normal cadence, breathing comfortable 4:4. Put your nutritional plan into action, small sips of water consistently.

Sample Day 2
Lunch Swim

w/u 200m: 100 free, 100kick
6x50 on 20"r
6x50 on 15"r
6x50 on 10"r
200m TT (log time)
4X25 all out on 45"r
100m c/d

Sample Day 3
Lunch Swim

w/u 300m: 100free, 100 kick, 100 pull
6x50 on 10"r
6x100 on 15"r
6x25 on 10"r
1x150 on 15"r
1x150 on 15"r
Kick: 6x25 on 15"r
100m c/d

Sample Day 3
func/eccentric- lv1: 30': Eccentric Loading

Warm Up: 10mins on flat terrain Main Set: 20mins of descending Find a consistant moderate hill at least 600m long. Slowly make your way to the top of the hill (walking is OK) Run DOWN the hill with cadence at 90-93 with good posture! Repeat for duration Cool Down: 5 mins easy jog

Sample Day 4
Respiratory Pyramid - Increasing HR

Goal: developing a stronger respiratory system through controlled breathing exercises.
Warm Up: 10mins steady state spin at normal cadence - you will need to find a natural rhythm with your breathing in relation to your pedal strokes - for example, breathe in for 4 pedal strokes, breathe out for 4. We will use this in your main set. Find what is comfortable for you - it might be 3 in, 3 out - or 6 in, 6 out.
Main Set:
10min reps of the following protocol - cadence remains constant throughout
2 mins - Increase HR/effort - maintain breathing pattern
2 mins - Maintain HR/effort - slow breathing by adding 1 pedal stroke to your default
2 mins - Increase HR/effort - keep the +1 breathing rate controlled
2 mins - Maintain HR/effort - add 1 more pedal stroke to your breathing rate (you are now +2 from default)
2 mins - RECOVER - no breathing control and self selected HR/effort
Cool Down: 10 min easy spin

Sample Day 5
Track and Strength 5

warm up for 15 mins.
The Set: (Do 5 times)
Run 400m @ 4:4 Pace
Build 400m to 2:2 Pace
Stairs #1: two footed, double step jumps
Stairs #2: Run double steps
Stairs #3: Single leg hops (switch legs half way)
Stairs #4: Sideways run up (switch direction half way)
Rest to AR zone before next set.

Balance Point Coaching Team
Balance Point Racing

BalancePoint is a team of dedicated and experienced coaches specializing in physiologic assessments, technical coaching, and program design for all levels of endurance sport. With a strong emphasis on athlete education and an insatiable interest in exercise science, we are your guides on your athletic journey.  

Steeped in science, our unique method consists of 4 distinct features:  

  1. Physiologic Biomarker Assessments
  2. Custom training plans
  3. Technical raining sessions
  4. Communication