***minimal Ironman Plan 22 weeks

This is a very simple/minimal plan that will guide you to your first Iron-Distance triathlon.

Conditions for starting this program... You should already be able to swim 1000yards moderately, bike for an hour, and run for 45:00 moderate.

If you are looking for customized plans/coaching... Contact pduncan1984@gmail.com

Sample Day 1
40:00 Bike w 6 efforts

Bike 40 minutes moderate with 6 x 30-second sprints scattered.

Make sure you warm up at least 15 minutes very easy

Sample Day 2
800 easy swim

4x200s easy

Sample Day 3
40:00 with 5 minutes hard

Warm up EASY 25:00

5:00 Comfortably hard pace - about 5bpm about max aerobic HR...

cool down 10:00 EASY

Sample Day 3
Run 35:00 Moderate

Sample Day 4

Sample Day 5
bike 35 miles

Sample Day 6
Run Easy Pace (1:10)

Super Easy pace... DO NOT push hard, all comfortable

Paul Duncan

USAT Certified
Qt2 Sytems Level 1
ORR Level III (Expert)

Multi-sport coach.