Beginner Ironman 4 week Introductory Base with Zone Testing - I.R.E.P.

Average Weekly Training Hours 07:00
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 07:00
Training Load By Week

This 4 week beginner introductory base program is designed for someones first attempt at the 140.6 mile distance and is just starting their training back up.

Individuals using this plan should meet the following criteria:
Swim - can complete 1000yard swim or have competed at an Olympic Distance Triathlon
Bike - can complete 2-2.5hr ride or have completed a 70.3 Triathlon
Run - Can complete a 1-1.5hr run or have completed a Half Marathon

This program is structured into 1 - 4 week block which includes a Zone setting protocol for week 2 to dial in your training and racing HR, Power and Pace Zones.

This program is designed for the working athlete and includes weekend long rides and runs.

Sample Day 1
1 hr (20 x 1 min Intervals)

Main Set 20 x 1 minute Intervals

Sample Day 2
10 minutes of suck

MS:10 min build to all out

Sample Day 3
550 - 8 x 50's

Main Set is 8 x 50 on 45 second rest

Sample Day 4
40 mins - 10 x 20 Hard/40 Easy

10 x :20 hard / :40 Easy

Sample Day 5
2000 - 10 x 100 easy

2000 - 10 x 100 easy

Sample Day 6
1.5 hour Zone 2

Sample Day 7
20 min easy swim

Swim 20 minutes straight

The Training Plan Source Powered By IREP Athletics
The Training Plan Source Powered By IREP Athletics

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