Beginner Ironman 4 week Introductory Base with Zone Testing - I.R.E.P.

Average Weekly Training Hours 07:00
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 07:00
Training Load By Week



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Designed by the Certified Athletic Trainers, Strength Specialists, and IRONMAN Certified Coaches at The Training Plan Source Powered by IREP Athletics LLC, Anthony J Ross ATC, CSCS, M. Ed. IRONMAN Certified Coach and Scott Proscia BS ATC, M. Ed., IRONMAN Certified Coach plans incorporate over 25+ years of combined education and experience designed to help YOU achieve your personal fitness goals and Respond Evolve Perform.


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Sample Day 1
1 hr (20 x 1 min Intervals)

Main Set 20 x 1 minute Intervals

Sample Day 2
10 minutes of suck

MS:10 min build to all out

Sample Day 3
550 - 8 x 50's

Main Set is 8 x 50 on 45 second rest

Sample Day 4
40 mins - 10 x 20 Hard/40 Easy

10 x :20 hard / :40 Easy

Sample Day 5
2000 - 10 x 100 easy

2000 - 10 x 100 easy

Sample Day 6
1.5 hour Zone 2

Sample Day 7
20 min easy swim

Swim 20 minutes straight

The Training Plan Source Powered By IREP Athletics
The Training Plan Source Powered By IREP Athletics

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