IRONMAN Boulder, build, specific prep and tapper. 10 weeks, Eric Kenney. Ek Endurance Coaching

Average Weekly Training Hours 09:25
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 09:25
Training Load By Week

This is an intermediate plan for the age grouper. This plan maximizes your training time with focus weeks, no junk miles and specific workouts to have you 100% ready for race day.
If you are local to the CO. area check some of my group workouts and training program with
with the Boulder triathlon club.

Sample Day 2
threshold test.

5 min easy swim
8x 50's drill/swim odds
100 build. 50 easy
Evens: swim
15x 100's 5 seconds rest- Go a fast sustainable pace. Threshold pace (T-pace) challenge yoru self here! test effort.
2x50 easy
4x75's odds easy
evens all out (these should be faster than your 100 pace above)
200 kick
3x100 swim cool down

Sample Day 3
threshold test

warm up easy for abit.
run a 10k course relitivly flat. run at a steady ALL OUT pace.
use run testing the protocol in the ETG.
re set threshold pace if nessisary

Sample Day 4
easy ride/ off

easy recovery ride or off.

Sample Day 5
opener ride

ride in zone 1, RPMs comfortably high. Do a few z3 efforts to warm up and build up to 3-6, 30" sprints at 90%. Do these on the terrain that will decide your race. Immediately after the last sprint settle into 5' at low z3. find nice rhythm.

Sample Day 6
Threshold TEST

warm up well. including a few hard 1' efforts. Ride for 40'-45' non stop ALL OUT. record your HR for the last 30' of the test. Focus on a steady pace. steady controled effort. your last minute as strong as the first. select a course that you dont' have to coast or ride many down hills or stop.
cool down at level 1 for at least 10'
record all data (avg. power, course used, avg/max HR, avg. speed, weather condition, etc)

cool down after and finish out some more miles easy Z1-2.
fuel well today!

Sample Day 7
easy ride

easy ride. on flat to rolling terrain. spend lots of time in the aero possition.

Sample Day 7
brick run

IM pace -low Z3.
nice and relaxed. good form, quicl cadence

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