Ironman Brick Series- 13 week

Average Weekly Training Hours 08:32
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 08:32
Training Load By Week

This plan is a set of weekend bricks and long runs for Ironman training for an advanced athlete. A 15 hour per week level of base fitness should be present prior to the 12 week period and average training volume is 15-18hrs per week once you add weekday workouts.

Sample Day 1
10mile tempo run

Warm up for 1 mile

2 x 4 miles RI- 1min
run the odd miles at race pace/ even at a steady pace

1 mile cool down

Sample Day 2
Tempo 30m Bike

6 mile warm up

Miles 7-15
6min tempo, 1 min all out
5min tempo, 1 min all out
4min tempo, 1 min all out
3min tempo, 1 min all out
2 min tempo, 1 min all out

Tempo is what feels like 1/2 Iron pace. RPE of 8

Miles 16-18 recovery

Miles 19-27 Repeat

Miles 28-30 cooldown

No break between intervals.
Tempo should be a hard effort, approximately 7RPE

Sample Day 3
Long Ride Brick

5 hour aerobic ride

40 min run starting at marathon pace for 30min (hold 7:20 pace) using the last 10 min as a cool down.

Sample Day 4
15 mile run

15 mile endurance run

Sample Day 9
3hrs with last hour push

Hold an aerobic pace for 2 hours. The last hour of the ride, push the pace to IM race pace for 45min (should be in the 20mph zone, just above).

Sample Day 10
6hr long ride

Long ride, add in 2-3 x 30min at IM race pace throughout the ride. Should be 75% FTP

Sample Day 11
13 mile 1on/1off

Warm-up for 6 miles

1 mile at race pace/ 1 mile at a steady pace for the next 7 miles

Matt Smith
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