First Time Ironman Triathlon Training Plan (24 weeks)


Hypercat Racing, Rachel Sears Casanta

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24 Weeks

Typical Week

1 Day Off, 3 Swim, 3 Run, 3 Bike

Longest Workout

1:30 hrs swim
6:30 hrs bike
2:45 hrs run

Plan Specs

triathlon ironman

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This 24 week program is geared to the athlete who is ready to tackle the Ironman distance. This program is best suited to the athlete who has previously completed some sprint, olympic and half ironman distance triathlons. The training volume ranges from a low of 8 hours per week during recovery week to a peak volume of approximately 17 hours. The training frequency (number of workouts per week) is fairl evenly split between swim, bike and run. However, the overall training volume is heaviest on the bike to help athletes prepare most optimally for the rigors of the Ironman distance. There is a fair amount of choice and flexibility for the athlete who follows this Hypercat training program which makes it perfect for the self-coached athlete. For the budget conscious athlete, you may want to purchase this plan directly ($199) from Hypercat Racing at:


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 11:31
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 11:31
Average Weekly Breakdown

Rachel Sears Casanta

Hypercat Racing

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Sample Day 1


W/U: 300 sw, 200 k

M/S: 3 x 50 (alt 25 fist, 25 sw) (:05 RI)

3 x 50 (alt 25 CUP, 25 sw) (:10 RI)

100 sw (:20 RI)]


8 x 50 sw (:10 RI)

C/D: 200 choice

Total: 2,000

Sample Day 1


Time Trial Protocol Warm-up well with 1-2 miles of easy jogging. Address any areas that need to be gently stretched when muscles are warm. Continue with another 2 laps of stride the straight-aways; jog the curves building towards time trial effort pace. Run 8 laps / 2 miles at your best effort. You may consider running even pace throughout or negative splitting the second half of the test, to avoid going out too hard the first 800. Get your time. Consult the VDOT values chart (attached to today (click on paper clip icon) and in your program reference guide) for 2 miles and determine your VDOT number. (For example, if you ran 11:50, your VDOT would be 53.) You will repeat this benchmark run again next month.

Sample Day 2


W/U: 20-30 min. Spin at a comfortably high cadence for the 1st 15 min, then continue warming up by doing 3-5 x :30-:60 harder efforts. Spin very easily for 5 min then start the 30 min TT as follows:
Start HRM. Ride your best, sustained effort for 30 min.
10 min into the TT, hit the lap split button (we want to collect your ave HR data from the final 20 min of the TT).
If you have a wattage meter, your average watts for 30 min, is your CP30 (critical power) number.
Finish up with 15 min of very easy spinning to cooldown.

Sample Day 3


W/U: 6 x 75 (25 dr, 50 sw) (:10 RI)
6 x 50 build by 25 (:10 RI)

M/S: 6 x 100 best average (:20 RI)

C/D: 250 EZ choice

Total: 1,600

Sample Day 3


W/U: 15 min easy running

6 x 2 min at comfortably hard effort (Z3) with 1 min easy recovery

C/D: Finish with easy running to cool-down.

Sample Day 4


Trainer W/U: 15 min as follows: 5 min easy spin, build to C90+. 4 min alternate :30 standing, :30 seated 6 min alternate 80% of workload between :30 on right leg, :30 on right leg. Spin 1 min with both. (Repeat 3x) M/S: 7 x 3 min Isolated Leg Training Easy Z1-2 / RPE 10-12/CP 180. Alternate :30 left leg, 1:30 both legs, :30 right leg. Set up a chair, box etc on right/left side of bike to support your resting leg. Aim for C85+. C/D: Finish with smooth spinning, C90+

Sample Day 5

Open Water or Pool

15-20 min open water swim. Get acclimmated to the water. Swim with partners. Make notice how the wetsuit changes your body position and stroke.



WU: 8 x 50 increasing pace slightly each 25.

MS: All are at moderate effort, build each interval

100 (10”), 200 (15”), 300 (15”), 200 (15”), 100.

CD: 200 easy with emphasis on form.

Total: 1500

First Time Ironman Triathlon Training Plan (24 weeks)

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